4 dates

Autumn Chapman is the younger sister to Jim Chapman and when Jim finds out she likes either

* Joe
* Alfie
* Marcus
* Dan

He sets up dates with all of them for Autumn but hid a camera in her pockets but even though Autumn was a Marcus girl she was showing that she liked Dan more and even might go out with him...


1. 1

So Jim chapman has a younger sister believe it or not called Autumn chapman who only a couple of months younger than him but one day Autumn was out with one of her friends Samantha or Sam for short, Jim was looking through her draws because she knew she liked someone and he was determined to find out who.

Around 10min of searching he found a list which said 4 cutest youtubers and in 4 bubbles

joe in a red bubble

Alfie in a yellow bubble

Marcus in a green bubble

Dan (from Dan & Phil duhhh) in a blue bubble

Jim's PoV

Haha so Autumn likes one of them so on Saturday she can spend the day with joe Sunday spend the day with Alfie Monday she can spend with Marcus and Thursday she can spend with Dan as I think she has uni on Tuesday and Wednesday. Little does she know I will put a camera in her pocket before she leaves to find out which one she likes.

Quickly I put the list back and ran to the over side of the room (when I was at mom's me and Autumn had to share rooms but I didn't mind walls were blue and floor was yellow carpet).

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