Angel and Salvation

even angels need a little salvation


1. Angel and Salvation

  As the midnight wind blew

 The world moved without realization

 That between the brink of heaven and hell

 Stood an Angel and Salvation


The Angel stood

 tears falling from her eyes.

 Salvation stared willing a way to bring

 Her back from the ledge, from the depths

 To heal her and mend her broken wings


 She turned her head

 to cast a glance

 Behind her he prayed and beckoned

 Salvation willed the Angel's return

 And hoped she'd pause for a second


 "This is all willed by god himself"

 Salvation whispered to the Angel

 "These are games of the devil"

 Against Salvation cried the Angel


 "Peace I shall bring to thee"

 Salvation resolved again

 "Peace is laced with bitterness"

 The Angel she defended


 Pulling from depths of his soul

 Salvation slowly relented

 "My dearest Angel

 let me love you

 In that all may be mended"


 The Angel

 wings battered and defeated

 Toes pulled, curled along the edge

 Took breath and let bitterness dissolve away

 And move she did, further from the ledge


 As the midnight wind blew

 The world moved without realization

 That together in each other's arms

 Stood an Angel and Salvation

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