My real story

this is my true story if you want to read it go ahead it's about my life,


2. Problems

Chloe was at home with her mum and her sister Katelan who her mum fostered but didn't adopt. Her sister was doing things that Chloe wasn't her sister was 1 year older than her but her mum knew something was wrong because she had had other children before Chloe was the youngest in the family. Chloe was 18 months old and not sitting up for herself or walking. Her mum knew it was wrong but she wanted to leave it a little while. Chloe turned 3 years old and started nursery her friends were finger painting and getting their hands mucky Chloe wouldn't dare touch it she hated getting her hands and feet messy. She was also senstive with noise and she still wasn't talking her walking was bad and she couldn't write not even a scribble. The teachers had talks with her mum and her mum took her to the doctor. Chloe was diagnosed with Autism which was why she was sensitive to noise and stuff some people with autsim have bad coordination so they thought that was it for a little while but it wasn't Chloe grew up she couldn't catch balls or swim her mum then took her to the doctor where she was diagnosed with severe dyspraxia affecting both sides worser than most people with Dyspraxia because they only have it one side. Chloe's parents also stayed up with her at night in shifts because she couldn't sleep her body didn't produce the stuff you need to sleep. They then found out she had a sleeping disorder which she takes tablets for now and then.

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