My real story

this is my true story if you want to read it go ahead it's about my life,


5. Absence Epilepsy

Since i was 3 years old i've had these moments where i stared into space my mum told me. I didn't even know but it wasn't daydreaming it was actually me having a seizure i couldn't talk see move or anything just a few weeks ago we found out that it was absence seizures i can easily have 100's of these a day some of them people don't notice.  When i'm having these i'm not aware my eyes stay open but in fact i'm not conscious of anything that people say to me and these can be especially dangerous near roads. I'm actually unconscious and most of these are only a few seconds and can be up to 2 minutes people tell me. I've got Juvenile absence epilepsy like the doctor told me and my mum which means when i'm having a seizure my arm can shake but i don't even know i have to take what other people say. Apparently i had one in the swimming pool yesterday my mum told me which was horrible i was confused i didn't know i'd had one until my mum told me. People that are daydreaming you can get them to answer by calling their name and touching them but you can't with me. If when i have one i've got something in my hand that item will stay in my hand the way it was before i went into the seizure i don't know if i ever drop stuff when i have one i don't think so as people say. You can't bring me round from these seizures you have to wait for the seizure to finish and me to regain consciousness i can have confusion sometimes as well. I'm not allowed to go a lot of places i was allowed to go before my diagnosis because i could have a seizure there and if no one's watching i could hurt myself. When people see me have a seizure if it's a grown up they have to write it down on a bit of paper for my doctor. These seizures can be scary and when i was recording myself doing a book video the other day i didn't know this but i had an absence seizure my mum said when i showed her. From the video first time i've seen myself have a seizure my eyes go funny my eyes can flicker and i can shake. I'm on Keppra for my seizures if anyone's got any questions about epilepsy be free to ask me but i can't tell you what the seizures feel like because i'm not conscious when i'm having them.  I'm not embarrassed by them because i'm not aware they're happening. A few weeks ago in Literacy my teacher told me i had had one i put my hand up to answer a question and then i had a seizure that lasted a minute she told me. When i recovered i looked all around the room confused at why the class was staring at me and some of the boys said it looked freaky and they thought they were gonna have a heart attack. I had no idea what they were talking about and it doesn't offend me because i'm not aware they were talking about my seizure it's better than my tourettes where i am aware and it can make me cry. Apparently i'm very tearful before i have a seizure so if i'm crying it's very likely i'll have a seizure when i stop depending on what it is. 

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