My real story

this is my true story if you want to read it go ahead it's about my life,


1. Where it begins

On the 29th of november 2001 a young girl was born. She was born with Blonde hair and she was a very happy little  that was me Full name Chloe Lucy rose woods.With eyes watery blue and she was a healthy little baby born. She was born to another lady but God knew something lay in store for her her life was going to be perfect. When she was 6 months old she had hair caught up in her toes and was rushed to hospital by a social worker in intensive care she nearly lost her toes she couldn't speak or sit up for herself. That was very scary for me because if it had happened i wouldn't have toes now. She was fostered by another woman which is now her mum Her mum is called Gill and she's a lovely woman she adopted Chloe when she was a little girl.

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