Story For Another Time

Sophia had just lost the love of her life, Tom. She wanted to be alone, so she thought, until she met Calum (A new guy in town) Meeting Calum would lead to ups and downs in her life that Sophia could not imagine.

Both her dreams and nightmares would become reality.


1. Nobody Wants To Be Alone

"We used to be best friends!" Sophia yelled, a tear rolling down her face. Tom looked away from Sophia, taking a step back, "I know."
Sophia swallowed back the tears, "So what happened Tom? What happened to us?" Sophia looked over toward a girl who was standing with a group of girls having a good time, "Remember when you cared about me the way you care about her?" Sophia took a step back and slammed her fist against the wall, "Three years," she inhaled sharply holding back tears, "Three years and none of it even matters."
"It does matter, Sophia."
"You can't say that, you don’t mean it."
"Why don't you believe me Sophia? It mattered, it all mattered."
Sophia shook her head and laughed, her eyes becoming foggy from tears, "If it mattered how can you have so easily replaced me, like you promised you never would? I want to believe you Tom, but I can't. I don't even know you anymore, you said so yourself." Sophia walked past Tom, beginning to run. She ran past the group of girls and out the gates, it was too difficult for her to stop the tears. Her walk home that afternoon was a lonely one, she heard people laughing, talking, walking, she heard cars pass, she heard children yell, she saw busy streets, people passed by, people waved and smiled, the shadows changed, but none of it mattered; the world was moving, but not her, she was stuck in that moment; the words repeating in her head over and over again. The gate creaked open as she stepped into her front garden, Daisy, her dog, jumped up onto her leg, licking her, but she paid no attention. Sophia headed straight for the door, bypassing her mother, walking straight into her bedroom. There was a thud as her bag full of textbooks landed next to her bed, one foot flung on top her bed after the other, Sophia gripped her teddy bear tight as she began to sob. The night passed, Sophia tossed and turned all night trying to become comfortable, but nothing worked. The sun shone through the small crack in the blind, as Sophia turned her head to the right to look outside the window. The street was still, there was no one walking, no cars driving past, not even an animal scurried. Sophia sighed as she sat up in her bed, ‘this is it’, she thought, ‘I’ve got to go to school today, I’ve got to face him.’ Sophia placed both her feet on the ground and stood, she began to walk slowly toward her cupboard, reaching out to open the squeaky doors. She grabbed out her school uniform, a black skirt and pastel green shirt, and put them on, along with a pair of black canvas shoes. The only sound in the room was the clonk of her shoes as she walked toward her dresser. The chair made a scraping sound as Sophia pulled it from under the vintage, rustic looking dresser, the paint chipping away. Sophia stared at herself in the mirror for a moment before reaching for her phone to check the time, “5:33”. Sophia let out another sigh as she reached for her messy bun and undid it. Her long, curly, chocolate brown hair falling past her shoulders. The wide padded brush, covered in hair, tugged through her hair as she un-knotted it, allowing it to become easier to pin up. The phone flashed, “5:45”. Sophia grabbed a small bottle of foundation and placed a dollop on the back of her hand, she grabbed a brush and began to spread the coloured cream on her face. Before standing to pack her bag Sophia put on her favorite lip gloss and some mascara. The textbooks made her bag nearly impossible to lift, but she managed. Trudging down the stairs Sophia entered the hallway, turning left to meet her mother in the kitchen, “Morning.” Her mother claimed cheerily.
“Really? I never would’ve noticed.” Sophia replied in a sarcastic tone.
After being shot a quick glance by her mother Sophia decided to sit down at the table, “What’s the time?”
“It’s 6.” Sophia placed her head on the table and sighed, “What’s the matter dear?” her mother questioned. Without an answer Sophia rolled her eyes and sat up again.
The next half an hour was sat in silence with the occasional, “Would you pass me the butter?” As the clock struck 6:30am Sophia stood, grabbing her bag. “Well, bye.” She said to her mother as she began to walk away, shutting the front door behind her.
Ever since she started high school Sophia walked with Tom to school, but after recent events she wouldn’t be surprised if they never even spoke again. So Sophia walked alone, listening to the engines of cars buzzing as everyone rushed to get from place A to place B. She had always wondered where they were going that they needed to get there so fast. To work? An appointment? To drop their kids at school? Wherever it was, it must have been important. Sophia never rushed; she always took her time, admiring the world, noticing things that would normally go unnoticed. Sophia entered the school gate and checked her phone, “7:20” Sophia had arrived earlier than usual. She walked down the concrete path that led to the main building of the school, she followed it around the side, passing the flower beds she had observed so many times, the bright pinks and oranges of the petals stood out from the darker greens of the leaves, but this morning, they all blurred as one. The path continued on, leading to a scarce amount of metal seats and tables, where Sophia usually sat. No one was there, it was clearly still too early for them too have arrived, but that was okay. Sophia didn’t really feel like being with people today, she wanted to be alone. Rather than taking a seat at the lonesome, empty, metal seats and tables Sophia decided to keep walking. The path forked into two and Sophia took the right route, it led through a small bushel of trees to the grandstands. Sophia noticed the lack of human presence, the lack of any presence at all and smiled. Her smile grew and turned to a laugh, and her laugh turned to a sob. Sophia wiped away her tears and walked over to the grandstand. She climbed up the large steps, one at a time, until she reached the top seat, and she sat. She grabbed her phone to check the time, “7:35” Sophia placed her head against the concrete slab behind her, shut her eyes and listened; the sound of engines humming, teenagers laughing on their way to school, birds chirping their seemingly happy songs, the bugs buzzing around her, and a crunch, a footstep, coming towards her. Sophia’s eyes shot open and she sat up straight, “I-I’m sorry.” A deep, soothing voice spoke from the bottom of the grandstands, “I didn’t mean to startle you.” The person, who Sophia assumed to be a man, began to climb the stairs, coming towards her. Sophia watched, not saying a word. He was in a uniform, the same as hers, his brown hair was messy and shortish, he was toned and carrying a backpack over one shoulder, the man sat beside her, “Hello, I’m Calum.” Sophia nodded at the man, noticing his emerald green eyes and gentle smile.
“I’m Sophia.” Her voice was quiet, partly because she was tired, partly because she was nervous.
The man let out a slight laugh, sitting back against the concrete, “Sorry about that, there was no one here yesterday morning, I assumed there’d be no one here today as well.”
“I can leave if you want.”
“No, it’s okay.” Calum smiled looking at Sophia from the corner of his eye, “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you here?”
“Huh?” Sophia looked at the boy who seemed so relaxed, “I, uh, just decided to sit here.”
“Alone?” The boy said, raising an eyebrow.
“You’re alone, aren’t you?” Sophia said defensively.
“I am. But I have a reason, I mean, no one ever really wants to be alone, do they?”
Sophia shook her head, “Well, I guess not.”
“So, what’s your reason?” The boy sat up and turned to face Sophia. Sophia looked to the ground, thinking of what to say. Her reason for sitting there? She did want to be alone, didn’t she? Just as Sophia looked up to the boy to tell him he started laughing, “It’s okay,” his smile was gentle, “you don’t have to tell me. We just met.” Sophia smiled in return not knowing what to say. “So,” Calum said, “I am going to get to know you well enough for you to trust me, right?” Sophia laughed a little, “I’m not joking.” Calum claimed. Sophia felt her cheeks beginning to burn as she nodded, “Good.” Calum laughed. The bell rang and Sophia sighed, standing to go to class, as she began to walk off she felt Calum tug on her shirt, “Going to leave without saying goodbye?” He smiled up at her.
“Bye Calum.” Her voice, still quiet.
Calum laughed, “So, same place at break?” Sophia looked down at the boy and smiled, nodding. 

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