Story For Another Time

Sophia had just lost the love of her life, Tom. She wanted to be alone, so she thought, until she met Calum (A new guy in town) Meeting Calum would lead to ups and downs in her life that Sophia could not imagine.

Both her dreams and nightmares would become reality.


9. It's Okay

Sophia had finished preparing for the day. As she was double checking she had everything she'd need for the day she heard a knock on the front door. She walked over from the kitchen, opening the door to see Calum standing there smiling, 'You ready to go?' he asked.

Sophia shook her head, 'Have you eaten this morning? I'm still checking my bag. Take a seat.' Calum nodded at Sophia who continued to pack her bag. After a minute of packing her bag she looked up at Calum, 'I'll be right back I left my phone up stairs.' Calum nodded again, smiling. Sophia ran up the stairs passing her mother on the way pass, they exchanged smiles. 

'Oh, hello Calum, you're here early.' 

Calum laughed, 'Mornin', I came to take Sophia to school.'

'That's nice of you.' She walked over to the sink, rinsing out a coffee cup, 'You and her've been spending an awful lot of time together.'

Calum laughed again, 'We're good friends, that's all.' Calum sighed and looked at the staircase, 'I have to do something today. Sophia might get hurt. If she does, can you please make her okay tonight?' 

Sophia's mother looked up from the sink the water still running, 'Why would it, what do you have to do?'

Calum smiled a small smile, his eyes filled with sadness and anger, 'Someone hurt her. Someone she cared about. And I can't let him get away with it.' Calum clenched his fist.
Sophia came running down the stairs, picking up her bag 'Come on Calum!' She seemed so enthused to be going to school. In such a rush to leave the house and enter a place which had once caused such sadness. The pair said goodbye to Sophia's mother and walked out to the car parked in the driveway. 

They pulled in to the school parking lot, it was basically empty as they had come so early. Sophia and Calum climbed out of the car and began walking to the grandstands they'd first met at. The two laughed and spoke all morning until the bell went. The two shared a connection, an unspoken connection, they felt safe together, they felt happy. When they looked at one another they couldn't help but smile. 

They arrived at their first class and placed their bags on the bag racks. Sophia grabbed out her books and pencil case and walked over to the wall where they lined up at the beginning of each lesson. Calum watched as she walked over to the wall. Tom walked passed Sophia winking at her as he walked passed. Calum's fist tightened. Tom kept walking until he reached Calum. Calum was gripping his fist so tight his knuckles had started to turn white. Tom, being the person he was, leant over to another student standing the other side of him, saying just loud enough for Calum to hear, 'That Sophia really is something aye.' Calum breathed in sharply clenching tighter. The other student laughed and walked away. 'I wonder how the princess would feel if her prince Calum found out how much of a slut she is.' Tom followed his previous remark. 

Calum whacked his fist against the bag racks, 'Shut up Tom.' He looked at the ground.

'Oh sorry, I didn't realise you were there.' Tom laughed, 'Don't worry though, i'm sure she'll be much better in bed for you, after all I taught her.' 

Calum turned to face Tom, 'I'm serious. Shut your face.' 

Sophia looked over at the boys. 

Tom laughed a little louder, leaning into Calum, whispering in his ear, 'She was so desperate, it was disgusting. That filthy whore.' 

Calum reached forward grabbing the colour of Tom's shirt, his gaze was so frightening, Sophia came running over, 'Stop Calum! Let him go!' 

Calum shook his head, 'I told you to shut up.' Calum's fists tightened as he pushed Tom against the bag racks, Tom was visibly afraid. 'You should really learn to listen.' Calum pushed him against the bag racks even harder, 'The disgusting one is you. Taking advantage of a girl like that. Someone who genuinely cared about you. And you used her for sex. To win a bet? You think it's funny? You think you're a funny kid Tom?' Calum smiled, his eyes were still so mad. Tom flinched, trying to hide his fear, he began sweating. 'If you go near her ever again. I swear.'

In an attempt to keep some dignity Tom replied, 'Y-yeah, you'll what?'

Calum lifted Tom by his collar pulling him to just in front of his face, 'I'll ruin you.' Calum threw Tom into the bag racks and stepped over to Sophia who was in tears. He placed his hand on her head. 'It's okay.' Calum pulled sophia ino him, wrapping his arms around her, 'Everything's going to be okay. I promise.' 

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