Story For Another Time

Sophia had just lost the love of her life, Tom. She wanted to be alone, so she thought, until she met Calum (A new guy in town) Meeting Calum would lead to ups and downs in her life that Sophia could not imagine.

Both her dreams and nightmares would become reality.


2. I'm fine, Really.

Sophia sat through form saying only one word; ‘Here’. As the bell rang her teacher called her over, “Sophia,” her teacher said in a concerned voice, “Are you okay?” Not wanting to alarm her teacher Sophia looked at her and smiled, “I’m fine, Miss.” And with that Sophia left the room. First period was English, Tom would be there. The walk to class seemed torturous, Sophia walked slow, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone, she stared at her feet as she took one step at a time. Eventually Sophia reached the classroom; usually she’d be the first in, ready to learn, but not today. She waited until everyone was in the classroom before she came in; that way they were too busy to notice her. Sophia walked over to her desk in the back corner of the classroom and sat down, she looked around, spotting Tom talking to Christine. ‘Christine; the reason,’ Sophia thought, ‘the reason he hates me now.’ Her eyes began to fog up due to tears, so she hung her head down and opened a book. Everyone was now seated and the teacher, Miss Welsh, had begun the lesson. The class seemed so interested, scribbling down notes, raising their hands and asking questions, but Sophia just sat there, staring out the window. ‘Who was that boy?’ She wondered, ‘He was so nice, and so cute too.’ Sophia sighed, ‘Calum? Whoever he was, he made me feel better.’ “Sophia!” Her teacher exclaimed from the front of the class, the sudden sound made Sophia sit up straight, “y-yes miss?” Sophia’s voice was shaky.
“Please stay behind after class, Sophia.” Sophia nodded her head letting out a sigh. Everyone was staring at her; Tom, Christine, Livvy, Corey, everyone. Sophia shrunk in her chair as she could feel her cheeks burning. Class seemed to go on forever, but finally the bell rang, allowing Sophia to get up from her seat. Once everyone had left the classroom she walked over to Miss Welsh, “Sophia,” She began, “What’s going on?” Miss Welsh sat down, looking up at Sophia.
Sophia looked at her teacher, a frog in her throat, “I-I’m sorry.”
Miss Welsh let out a sigh, “I’m always here if you need to talk.” She pinched at the bridge of her nose.
“I know, Miss.” Sophia said, once again with a smile.
“Well, you may go.” Sophia nodded and walked out the class. Placing her books and pencil case back in her bag. It was only the second day of school for the year and already Sophia felt worn out. She traipsed to her next class, Mathematics. She placed her bag in her usual locker space and grabbed out her pencil case, books and glasses case. ‘I should really start wearing these more often,’ she thought, ‘it’ll help me with the blurriness.’ Sophia grabbed her belongings and stood at the back of the line and then she saw him, “Calum!” Her voice was louder than she intended, he looked over, smiling at her, “Hey, Sophia.”
“Are you in my class?”
“Well, it seems to be that way doesn’t it.” Calum let out a gentle laugh.
Sophia smiled back, “It does. I didn’t know you were in my grade.”
Calum smiled down at her, “We did only meet this morning.”
Sophia’s cheeks burned pink at his remark, “I know.”
He laughed again, “You’re so cute.”
Her cheeks turned from pink to red, “T-thanks.”
Calum opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by another guy, Tom. Tom was smaller than Calum, Tom was about 5”7’ and was skinnier, still muscular. He was paler than Calum too. “Hey Soph.” Tom exclaimed, standing between Calum and Sophia. Sophia stood there shocked for a moment, her smile had faded and she remembered what he’d said.
“Don’t call me that.” Her voice was angry and shaky, “You have no right to call me that!” She exclaimed, stepping back from him.
He grabbed her arm and stepped toward her, “Why don’t we talk about this Soph?”
Sophia shook her arm and took another step back, she couldn’t lose his grip, “We have nothing to talk about.”
Calum grabbed both Tom’s and Sophia’s arms, pulling them apart, moving to stand in front of Sophia, “I don’t think she wants to talk to you.” His voice was calm and stern.
Tom looked him in the eye, puffing his chest up, “And who are you to say that on her behalf?”
Calum looked down at Tom, his look was angry, it frightened Sophia, “I don’t have to explain who I am, now back off.” Just as Sophia was going to step in Calum smiled, and he let out a laugh, “Well then,” he said, “I’m guessing this is the reason you wanted to be alone.” He looked at Sophia through the corner of his eyes, “I don’t blame you.” And with that he turned his back on Tom and lined up next to Sophia. Tom walked off in a huff, and Sophia smiled, “Thank you.”
Calum smiled back at Sophia, “It was nothing.”
‘Who is this boy?’ Sophia thought as she looked up at him. Calum looked down at her and caught her eye, “Is something wrong?” Her cheeks burned red and she shook her head, following the people in front of her into the room.
“This year I will be letting you choose your seats, you know who you work best with.” Mister Franklin stated as everyone stood at the back of the room. Immediately Sophia looked over at Tom; they’d sat together every year of high school, and now they wouldn’t be together. Calum looked at Sophia and nudged her, “Hey,” he said in a quiet voice, “How about we sit together?” Sophia looked at Calum and smiled, nodding. ‘Maybe if I sit with him it’ll be okay? He seems pretty nice.’ Sophia continued looking at the teacher, but not really paying attention, ‘But, what if he’s not smart? What if my grades drop?’ Sophia looked up at Calum again, ‘He seems smart.’
Mister Franklin finished his talk, “So, does everyone know who they want to sit with? If you do, raise your hand.” Calum put his hand up calmly, “You’re new aren’t you?” Mr. Franklin asked.
“Yes Sir.” Calum said with his charming smile.
“And already you know who you want to sit with?”
“Yes Sir.”
Mr. Franklin raised an eyebrow, “So, Who is it?”
Calum looked down at me, “Sophia.”
Mr. Franklin looked to me, then to Tom and back to me, “Sophia?” He said, concerned.
“I would like to sit with Calum this year sir.” Sophia smiled at him, hoping for him to lose his concern.
“Well I suppose that’s okay.” Mr. Franklin looked disappointed.
‘Suppose?!’ Sophia thought, annoyed, ‘you said we’d get to choose, so why are you so disappointed? I don’t want to sit with Tom, is it really that much of a shock?’ Sophia let out a sigh of annoyance, Calum looked at her raising an eyebrow, she shook her head. After everyone picked their partners they all went and sat at the tables which had been paired off. Calum and Sophia sat in the middle row on the left side. Sophia sat on the left chair and Calum the right. Sophia placed her book and textbook on the table in front of her, she placed her textbook in the left corner of the desk and sat her pencil case on top. She opened her glasses case and pulled out a slim pair of glasses, sliding them on her face. She sat the case beside the pencil case and opened her book, picking up a black pen, “I didn’t know you wore glasses,” Calum said in a hushed tone, Sophia looked at him, “they suit you.” He smiled.
Sophia blushed and looked down at her page, “Thanks.” Calum nodded at Sophia and opened his book. Sophia looked over to see notes he had from the previous year, they were neat, sophisticated, a red pen outlined the important parts of the equations, and in blue pen there were side notes. ‘Wow,’ Sophia thought, ‘he really is smart.’ Mr. Franklin began talking about the Pythagoras theorem and Sophia wrote down notes, knowing if she didn’t she’d never pass the class. Calum looked down at Sophia and smiled, laughing quietly. “What?” Sophia said in a snappy tone.
“You’re trying so hard, it’s adorable.”
Sophia’s cheeks turned red, she didn’t take her eyes of her notes, “Oh.” The pair continued copying down notes, making calculations and asking each other questions about the work. 10 minutes before the lesson had finished Sophia realized she didn’t know who everyone else was sat with, looking up from her books she moved her eyes around the room; Livvy was with Corey, Crystal with Sara, Ben with Jayden, a few other pairs were together, and there, on the other side of the room, Christine with Tom. Sophia clenched her fist in anger, ‘How could he have replaced me so easily?’ Calum placed his hand on her fist, “Hey, it’s okay. Whatever it is, it’s okay.” His voice was quiet. Sophia unclenched her fist and looked at Calum, ‘Here I am asking how he could have replaced me so easily, and yet I’ve replaced him too. How could I have replaced him so easily? Did the past three years really not matter?’ Sophia looked down at her notes, her eyes had become blurry but the glasses didn’t help; they fogged up and made it worse. Sophia slipped the glasses off her face and placed them back in her case, she closed her book and placed her pen back in her pencil case, ‘How could I have replaced him so easily?’

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