Story For Another Time

Sophia had just lost the love of her life, Tom. She wanted to be alone, so she thought, until she met Calum (A new guy in town) Meeting Calum would lead to ups and downs in her life that Sophia could not imagine.

Both her dreams and nightmares would become reality.


4. I don't like him

Calum started taking Sophia to and from school each day, it became a norm for them. Each day they’d listen to the same song on the radio, Call Me Maybe, and each day they sing along, laughing. They’d sit together in all the classes they shared, and at lunch time’s they sit in the grandstands, alone. Their first term together had come to an end, “Sophia,” Calum began on their drive home, “I realized that you’ve never been to my house. I mean, we’re so close, and you’ve still never been there.”
Sophia thought hard for a moment, trying to think of a time she was at his house, “No, I haven’t.”
Calum swallowed hard, nervous, “I was wondering,” he took a deep breath, “Would you like to come over tomorrow?” Sophia sat in the passenger seat quiet for a moment, ‘I’ve never been to a boy’s house before, other than Tom’s.’ Calum made a left turn to pull into Sophia’s street, “So? Would you like to?” He pulled into the driveway and parked the car looking at Sophia.
Sophia nodded, “That’d be nice,” She paused for a moment, “but,” she paused again, blushing, “never mind. I’d like to come.”
“What is it? You don’t have to come.”
“I want to.” Sophia smiled.
“So what’s the matter?”
“Story for another time.” Sophia said unbuckling her seat belt and opening the car door, picking up her bag and walking to the front door. ‘She always says that.’ Calum thought to himself as he followed behind her. Calum left Sophia’s house by 6’o’clock that night, her and her mother ate dinner in front of the TV. Once their movie, Chasing Liberty, had finished Sophia walked up to the bathroom. She placed the small black plug in the hole, the white tub began to fill up slowly, the room became fogged. Sophia shut the door behind her, locking it and stood in front of the mirror which was above a small sink, vintage looking, white, neat, the white tiles on the walls had one line of flowers going through them. Sophia stared herself in the eyes, Calum’s house, she sighed, I haven’t been to anyone’s house since Tom. She threw her head back gently, looking up at the ceiling, watching the fog float around effortlessly, I’ve already agreed now. But last time I was at Tom’s. Sophia shook her head, the thought as well. Her bath was long, she sat there, humming to herself, at one point she almost dozed off.
Sophia was lying in bed, half asleep when she heard a knock, “Sophia, sweet, may I come in?”
Sophia grunted, “Okay.”
Her mum walked over and sat next to Sophia’s legs at the bottom of the bed, “So,” She smiled, “You’re going to Calum’s?”
Sophia sat up looking at her mum, she nodded, I’m going to Calum’s. What am I supposed to wear? What’s his family like? She began to panic.
Her mum placed her hand upon Sophia’s, “You seem nervous.” She giggled.
Sophia’s cheeks burned red as she nodded, “Just a little.” She let out more of a whimper than a laugh.
Pauline tilted her head slightly to the left, “You really like him,” She smiled, “so what’s the matter?”
Sophia looked down at her bed, “Well, first, I don't like him. Second, I have nothing to wear. And also, what if his family doesn’t like me, I mean I know we’re not dating, but still.” And then Sophia began to relax a little, they weren’t dating, so why should she be nervous?
Sophia’s mum tried to stop herself from giggling, “Just wait here.” She stood up, leaving the room. Sophia watched her mum walk down the hall, turning down the stairs. She could hear her mother rummaging. Five minutes passed before her mother returned, “Here.” Her mother handed her a pale yellow sun dress, it had a mini skirt and was bustier, “It’d go perfect with your bone wedge sandals."
Sophia nodded, smiling at her mother, “Thanks.”
Her mum left and Sophia decided to climb back into her bed. It was dark in her room, the only light was from a small Rubik’s cube shaped light that sat on her dresser. It was quiet, the only sound in the room was the sound of her fan’s blades spinning at a rapid pace, allowing her to be cool. She stared up at her dim lit ceiling, It’s so peaceful, she thought, when no one’s around. It’s so calm. When the world goes to sleep. I wish the world was always asleep. She sighed and rolled onto her right side, bringing her left leg up toward her chest, tucking her right arm under her pillow, I wish I could always be asleep. I wish I could live in my dreams, anything can happen, anything I want. I control every single situation. The sound of a car zooming passed echoed through her ears, well, unless they’re nightmares.

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