The path that leads to nowhere


2. Chapter Two

Mums eyes were red from crying. I picked up the letter and it read: 

Dear Mr And Mrs White,

A war has broken out against Germany, again, and we need all the troops that we can get. Any husbands and adolescent boys must be sent out to fight. There will training at the cricket ground and they shall attend every one to become a strong and brave soldier. 

Adolf Hitler took over Poland so we declared war. Come to the train station at 4.00 am where the soldiers will be sent off.

Thank you for your time.

Winston Churchill

I gaped at the letter in front of me "Mum, we live in London" I whispered "If there is a war we need to leave London now. We have the money to buy a house in the country-side!" The family need to stick together except Dad had to go to war. Ellie started to cry because she was confused. I picked her up and cuddled her. Mum nodded and understood and started to look at houses. I started packing mine and Ellie's stuff . "We will leave tomorrow" Said Mum "The house is ready but I don't want to leave your dad behind" Mum sat down and looked at me, horror over her face.

"I know mum but it is the only way.."

That night my room was full of bags and boxes and I drifted of to sleep dreading the morning to come...

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