The path that leads to nowhere


3. Chapter 3

I will miss dad. I will miss Becky but most of all I will miss the old life.

We left for the new house after Dad had left.Mum was pale in the face so I had to take charge. The cart was outside with our stuff loaded on to it. Ellie clutched on to both her dolls tightly as she sat on my lap. Mum clapped a post adress for Dads camp, close to her chest. My heart thudded. What would the new life bring?

CRASH! The cart front blew and Germans were every where. Mum jumped off and Ellie cried I picked her up and ran down a back ally. "Mum!" I shouted but I was to late. Mum had gone forever. Suddenly, a german came to the edge of the back ally grinning. "Mummy's gone you come here." Ellie clutched on to me tightly. With out a second to spare, an old man smacked him on the head and  he fell to the ground. " No time to thank me, Run straight forward and dont stop!"

We ran the money in my pocket became heavier and heavier. We were alone in a field so I was ok to sit down an rest, "Hannah, I have some money so can we ask that farmer for some food?" asked Ellie. I did not want to take Ellie incase it was a german but I could not risk that so I picked up her and trudged towards him. "lo" he said gruffly, not taking that much notice. " Um can we have some food you see we have lost our Mother and Father and we dont know where to sleep at night until we make it to the countryside and ... and .... and..!" I tripped over my words but the farmer told me to follow him into a cottage.' Here you put 'at stuff over 'ere." he said indicating  the dolls Ellie was still carry, so Ellie waddled over." How old are you?"

" I am Hannah and I am 14, thats Ellie and she is 3." I said.

By that night the farmer had fed us and sheltered us and as my eyelids closed i could here the farmers song from the kitchen...

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