The path that leads to nowhere


1. Chapter One

It was the war that changed me. Me and my family. Dad had to leave to war so it was just me and my 3 year old sister . Mum was gone and Ellie was frightened so I had to be the hero...


A normal morning dawned and sun the shone brightly through my curtains. I rolled over to check the time then stormed out of bed to wash. I hate school. 3rd Year is just sooo boring at St Thomas's and I really hate going. Every day is the same. A boring test. I had breakfast and, as usual, I did not see Dad because he was already in Maidstone at work. Ellie was there and she was playing with her dolls and Mum rushing around finding her nursery stuff. After about 30 minutes I was able to leave the house and set for school. The bus stank and I was left standing next to a boy who who just stared at me."Hi?" I muttered wearily because I did not see his problem. I was delighted to get off the bus and away from that creep. "Becky!!' I shouted as I saw my friend by the bus stop waiting for me.

"What's up?" I gazed at her enchanted eyes as she looked totally blanked out. I was really confused because usually she is really bouncy and smiley. "Oh hey ,Hannah, I have got some really bad news, you won't like it." Becky came undone from her trance. I was so worried about what it was that I was  relieved when the school bell went. " Test today... Blah blah blah... over 70%... Blah blah blah... "HANNAH WHITE!" I was so worried about what Becky had to say I was not even listening to Mam'zelle oh and of course I got a detention for after school.

At break I managed to find out what was on Becky's mind "My parents have split up but I stayed with Dad so I could live here and carry on seeing you!" I was so happy that it was nothing that could split up me and Becky that I gave her a massive hug and shrieked out loud. Detention what not so bad because all I had to do was write lines.

"Hey Mum and Ellie!" I called when I opened the front door. There was no reply. I went into the kitchen and there was mum slumped in a chair, a letter beside her... 


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