Cho Chang or Bella Swan?

You might have heard about Cedric Diggory a brave, handsome young wizard who died the night Voldemort came back. And that's all you know towards what happened to him, but did you know that he was dying but he wasn't dead yet. A man named Carlisle transformed him into a vampire so he wouldn't die. Find out what happens when his wizard girlfriend Cho meets him and his new girlfriend Bella Swan...
*Cover credit goes to me*


3. The Beginning

I thought I was well prepared I wanted to reach the portkey before Harry did and there we were, both of us somehow managed to agree on touching the cup at the same time. I don't know what happened to me or how I allowed this to happen in the first place. He wasn't meant to transport with me, all of this wasn't meant to occur. Suddenly we are at Little Hangleton graveyard. I try to be the brave one since it was my fault to let Harry come with me in the first place.. I step forward when I see someone and I hear Avada Kedavra. I managed to block it but then I get hit by a curse I've never heard before. That was when everything fell apart. Harry was yelling my name trying to see if I was still alive, he never saw me block the first curse or saw me get hit by the mysterious one. All he saw was my "dead" body. This was the beginning to everything. I could've prevented this from happening but no I'm here unable to move a bone leaving Harry at the verge of death. The sad thing is that afterward, after I witnessed Harry escape from Voldemort, he brought my body back and people were crying and sobbing for me when I was the reason all of this occurred but still everyone was feeling bad for me when I am the one to blame. At first it was like everyone surrounded me and I tried to scream for help. It was like living a terrible nightmare in which you cant move or talk but you can see what's happening. I stopped looking for hope when I saw that no one was able to see that I wasn't dead. I wanted to die I knew there wasn't hope and I tried closing my eyes to see if I'd die and I could get out of this living nightmare. Finally when my wish is coming true, no one is there crying anymore just me alone about to die, someone grabs me..

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