Cho Chang or Bella Swan?

You might have heard about Cedric Diggory a brave, handsome young wizard who died the night Voldemort came back. And that's all you know towards what happened to him, but did you know that he was dying but he wasn't dead yet. A man named Carlisle transformed him into a vampire so he wouldn't die. Find out what happens when his wizard girlfriend Cho meets him and his new girlfriend Bella Swan...
*Cover credit goes to me*


4. My Murderer or Hero?

I was paralyzed and I couldn't move a bone as I tried my hardest to see who was kidnapping my "dead" body. I thought my life was falling apart. Everyone sobbed for me when I was the reason Lord Voldemort returned. "Who is this man?" -I said. Can you just leave me alone, there is nothing you can do. I slightly turned to see a man with blond hair and blue eyes. No wait, they were red not blue. My mind slowly drifted away as I was trying to decide whether his eyes were blue or red. He carried me for a long time and I wondered how he didn't even struggle to carry me or, more important, why he didn't leave me to die considering everyone else thought I was dead. There was something about him that made him different, it was like I was saving myself in an alternate universe. This young, blond man knows I am not dead and that scares me more than people believing I am. I had a mixture of feelings, meaning I wanted to scream and hurt him but, at the same time I felt a lot safer than I had in my entire life. He had walked for about 30 minutes without stop which impressed me because he was more, like, jogging while carrying a 17 year old dead ,whose actually alive, boy! What would my mom and dad be thinking right now? What about the school, or Harry, or maybe Cho? They probably think that I sacrificed my life and I am a hero when I'm  actually a coward. A coward who pulled the trigger at Harry twice and still he doesn't know. I wish the ride wasn't so long because I cant stand being "dead" anymore, its tiring. If only I had told Harry about the portkey and Voldemort maybe I could've saved myself, Harry and prevent Voldemort from returning. But no, I didn't t do any of those because I am a coward, one that started the second wizarding war but died without getting the chance to even live through it.  After a long time walking he paused and rested my body on the floor. I bet he was taking a break or something. He pulls me up again and enters this wooden house where he puts my body in a bed. I had never been so scared in my life. Is this man a doctor? I asked myself as he started moving closer to my body. I got so scared I thought I might die for the second time this day. At first I though he was a doctor but then I suspected him of a murderer who saved me only to kill me later. He started leaning closer and closer.. When suddenly, his mouth is in my neck and an immediate pain came from my neck. When I tried to fight him off I saw the blood that surrounded me and I started drifting away. It felt like I was falling asleep only It was a nightmare because I was dying. He killed me! Snake man killed me. What does dying feel like? I always wondered and now the answer has come. It feels like nails are drilled in your body and then you are immune to all the pain. It doesn't matter how terribly bad you were injured in the end death takes away all your pain. I stopped fighting him off because there was no reason I would die eventually in next 2 minutes. I closed my eyes when a noise of people coming in the room. "is he dead" a girl said. "Carlisle did you kill him?" another person said. "No! I did what I had to do." "He was dying and I saw what he went through so I had to do something" Carlisle said. "I transformed him..."     

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