Cho Chang or Bella Swan?

You might have heard about Cedric Diggory a brave, handsome young wizard who died the night Voldemort came back. And that's all you know towards what happened to him, but did you know that he was dying but he wasn't dead yet. A man named Carlisle transformed him into a vampire so he wouldn't die. Find out what happens when his wizard girlfriend Cho meets him and his new girlfriend Bella Swan...
*Cover credit goes to me*


2. Before

It was before the second task of the Triwizard competition that I noticed Mad Eye Moody turn into someone else. I freaked out but there was nothing I could do at the time because the task was about to start and I was about to jump and breath underwater for a while. Days after, I started to keep an eye out for Mad Eye Moody. I started being very suspicious of him. Every move he did I followed. You may think I'm weird or crazy but I could feel that something was wrong that Moody wasn't being himself. I even started digging on his past to see if there was any curious fact about him I considered I should know about. I started to think that I was insane that maybe I didn't even see anything. Maybe I was overwhelmed in the situation with the task about to start that maybe I imagined it all. That would be an easy way out of this mess but I don't trust this person. I'm going to find out what he is doing and what he is hiding. I thought of suspicious things he did and then it hit me. Why did he always drink this beverage that seemed to taste horrible? One night I sneaked into his office and took his drink to then find out that it was Polyjuice potion. I knew for a fact that he was changing into someone else and not for a good cause so I decided to wait. I followed him one day and saw him change into Barty Crouch Jr! I continued to follow him and I saw him talking to Peter Pettigrew contriving their plans for something they called "The Return." They discussed how they planed to take Harry Potter to a graveyard where Pettigrew would take Harry's blood in order to restore Voldemort's body and power. That is basically how I knew all about who put Harry in the competition, all about why and all about the portkey. I did not have a chance to tell Harry about these plans so I decided to win the competition and be prepared for Voldemort and his supporters when they would try to kill me..

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