Cho Chang or Bella Swan?

You might have heard about Cedric Diggory a brave, handsome young wizard who died the night Voldemort came back. And that's all you know towards what happened to him, but did you know that he was dying but he wasn't dead yet. A man named Carlisle transformed him into a vampire so he wouldn't die. Find out what happens when his wizard girlfriend Cho meets him and his new girlfriend Bella Swan...
*Cover credit goes to me*


1. Introduction

Ahh how can they not see me? Harryy! Help! How can they not see that I am not dead... I am unable to move I've been hit by a curse and if someone doesn't help me I will die soon. . Everyone thinks I'm gone but what they don't know is that I knew this was going to happen. I knew the Triwizard cup was a portkey and I knew this was a set up. Maybe I deserved all I got. Maybe I was destined to die this way and never make it to my final year at Hogwarts. Let me tell you everything...

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