Where There Are Lies, There Are Truths

For the "There will be lies" competition. Hope you guys enjoy it. Any feedback would be great! Cheers for looking!

Ash is different. And people want to take advantage of it. So she must run, with just a promise in her mind.


1. The Ending

I stood next to the door. My heart was out of control,it felt like the whole world was going to collapse. All I could do was wait. What for? To hear my fate? To hear another lie? My legs were aching but i wouldn't sit down. He promised to protect me. All of them did. But here I was. All this running, escaping, fighting. All for nothing.

The door moaned. I quickly looked up to see a stern, old face staring at me with hateful eyes.

"They want you to come in." 

I just looked at him. I know none of them want me here, but i have nowhere else to go.

Slowly, i picked up my dirt covered bag and went in. The room was white. Lights from all sides blinded me, making me feel small in this spiteful world. I tried covering up my eyes but it didn't help.

" Miss Clark, welcome. I hope you didn't have to wait for long, but we had...other matters to discuss," I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from, but it was definitely a man.

"Please, sit down," I saw the chair in the middle of the room and hesitantly sat down. I didn't know these people, all I had was a promise, a promise that was probably another lie. I waited, not saying anything. What did they want?

"We have heard of your adventures. Who wouldn't have? The famous Ashley Clark. Or should I say infamous?" I gripped the chair with my hands, anger building up inside me. I had enough of these games.

"Either way, we have a proposition for you. I guess you could call it a deal of some kind," I heard footsteps coming my way, getting closer and closer. The lights stopped me from seeing much more than 5 meters away from me, but eventually I saw him. A tall man. A brown beard covered most of his face, but still very elegant. He wore a black suite which made his piercing blue eyes stand out even more. The was a smile on his face, smug but at the same time kind. It wasn't enough to fool me.

"What do you want?" I finally spoke. My throat felt as though someone threw sandpaper down it. I had the urge to cough but I didn't. Not with him here.

"Us? You know what we want. It can make all of this stop," He stretched out his arms, as though to embrace me but I have had enough. I grabbed my bag once again and got up. I ran to the door and flung it open. The hallway was long but I kept running. Just to get out of here. All of them where the same. Why? All I had was a promise, a promise that kept me going. And it was time to run again



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