Omg really?!

She won s contest to go on tour with 5sos get and Luke fall in love. She had to go back to her family or stay with the love of her life?


4. just me and Luke

Claire's pov~

*********************skip plane ride***********************

I found out me and Luke were sharing a room in the hotel considering there were only 4 rooms and calum said that I should go with Luke. Me and Luke were sitting in our room because everyone went out except us cause we didn't want to go.i was playing a game on my phone and so was luke."do you play any instruments?" Luke asked. "Yeah I Can play a few songs and my friends say I can sing but I don't think I can" I said."ok that's cool" he said awkwardly." Why do you wear so many bracelets?" He asked " um I just like them I guess" I lied " you know you can tell me if you do right?" He said oh crap he knows I think. I just broke down crying remembering why I cut and what happened to me."omg I'm so sorry" he said "I-it's not you" I managed to say. "You can tell me I promise I won't tell anyone" he said. " I get bullied b-bad at school. A-a-and my ex boyfriends used to a-buse me" I said " oh wow why would someone want to pick on you or abuse you?" He said in shock "well mainly because I'm ugly and people say I'm a slut because my ex used to rape me and brag about us apparently having 'sex' to everyone one and he used to punch me for talking about a band I like" I said "your not ugly, your beautiful and what band and ehh would he beat you for it?" He asked. I'm actually really glad I can open up to him. " we'll you guys, there's one of use that I absolutely love and we'll when he would hear me talk about you to my friend he would beat me because he says I can't like other people and that he's better than him and he just used to beat me for being ugly fat or a slut." I said crying harder. Luke then hugged me and whispered in my ear " it's okay he's gone now and your not ugly or fat or a slut your beautiful" and this is why I love him so much. I finally stopped crying and said to Luke "thank you Luke" "no problem" he said with a smile. "So who's the one boy from our band you love?" He asked with a smirk. " um calum" I said then he looked kinda angry " jokes" I said then burst we out laughing. "So who is it? I won't tell anyone" he said "we'll um it's argh you" I said whispering the you part. "Oh really?" He said with a smirk "yea" I said while I blushed. "Hey what's your twitter name I'll follow you" he said "Luke_hemmings_marry_me..." I said then blushed. He looked at me with a big grin. "Hey it's not like I have a chance so eh" I said while I walked out the room and sat on the couch playing my phone. I then got a message from my friend kaitlyn.

Kk💕- kaitlyn Me~Claire

Kk💕hey why weren't you at school today?

Me~ oh fuck I didn't tell you GUESS WHAT!!?

Kk💕~um what?


Kk💕~ no way

Me~ yeh way!

Kk💕~ omg so you and Luke are gonna get married?!

Me~ yeah totally😂 nah jokes no way he'd ever like me and anyways I think I'd feel like ya know he'd think I would only date him for fan witch I'd never do but that don't matter we'll never date anyways he's too perfect😂🙌

Kk💕~ 😂we'll me and calum are still getting married

Me~ man I swear Luke is like even more amazing face to face!!!😍👌💕

Kk💕~ wow you need to stop your endless ion and I want a pic too! Lol gtg night😘Xx

Me~ night babe Xx😘

Right after I finished that text Someone enacted my phone out of my hand and I looked up to see Luke."oooh who's claire messaging? Kk oh let's me see" Luke said "no don't read that!!!!" I screamed then got up than chased him but he locked himself in the bathroom with my phone. "Fuck" I whispered. "Thank you!!" Luke yelled from the bathroom. "Hey Luke are you forgetting you left your phone out here?" I asked. He came running out and gave me my phone Han ran to his.

Luke's pov~

I can't believe what I'm reading this girl liked me she's so amazing and perfect why me? I actually thought her twitter name was cute! I got snapped out of my thoughts when the boys came running into the room.

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