Omg really?!

She won s contest to go on tour with 5sos get and Luke fall in love. She had to go back to her family or stay with the love of her life?


1. I won?

Hi my names Claire I'm 17 I live alone. I have one friend her names kaitlyn and we get bullied. I have blonde hair with blue tips but I change my tips every week. I love 5sos soo much! Especially luke Hemmings. I cut bad, well yeah that's about it.

I was laying on my bed listening to lives is with my earphones in then I got a phone call. By an unknown number but I answered it anyways. "Hi" I said " hey is this Claire Sloane?" The voice said. "I'm yeah who's this?" I asked unsure to wether I should of told them my name. " this is 5sos and you won the contest to come on tour with us for a year." He said. "Omg really?" I almost screamed. "Yeah we will pick you up tomorrow morning. Bye!" He said. OMG IM GOING ON TOUR WITH MY FAVOURITE BAND!!

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