I dont want to hurt you


82. Victoria

i ran and told ash and cal that i had tickets to see the puinguons movie so they can get the girls away whkls we set everything up.

"ok come on babe were going to the movies" ash told ellie

"okay." ellie said going to get incthe car with ash

"yh come on we dont wanna miss the movie" calum told rosie

"im cuming. what movie are we seing anyway?"

"erm that puenguins movie in 3D" calum replied

suddleny luke dropped you and went to cal.

"wait wait wait so you four get to aatch cool epic stunt penguins in 3D whilst im stuck in the house. not fair" luke said crossing his arms

"come on lukey i will go with you another time" you told him

"ugh fine okay then" like said lifting u bal up so u can carryong putting the banner up.

as soon as the car

left the drive and they had gone eveyone started working fast

"okay guys its setting up time!!"" i yelled

"woohoo!!" you screamed xx

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