I dont want to hurt you


74. Victoria

i fell asleep pretty quike whilst them lot all watch some movie.

today was wild so im well tired.

suddely michaels hand touched my ass.

"erm mikey" i whispered so i didnt interuoed anyone else

"yh babe"

"can you remove your hand cuz its kind of uncomftable" i asked shutting my eyes again

"oh yh sorry" michael said before watching the movie again

"so what are we gunna do like tomoz cuz me and rosie dont want our last day with you lot to be borring" ellie asked

righ then i shot up from falling asleep and the movie was paused

"what do you mean last day babe?" calum asked looking worried so did ashton

"well we thaught we told you but guess we didnt. me and ellie have got to go tomorow evening cuz we gtg do this band thing" rosie told us

after that everyone was quiet

"well cant you both stat longer and re-organise the trip?" ashton asked

"not really. the guy said its a ince in a life time chance and we gotta take that chance" ellie said

"oh" was all we said x

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