I dont want to hurt you


63. Victoria

"oh hell nah" we both said at the same time

just after we said that the girls turned around and saw us to and started walking towards us

"what do you strangers want" i soat at them as they were now standing infront of us chewing on there gum that stank

"were not strangers!! im britney and this is courtney, jess and mary" britney spat at us

"where the hell is joseph?" u asked as i was trying not to laugh.

"shut the hell up!" mary told u

"yh and where are your little 5sos boyfriends, ir was that all an act cuz i wouldnt be surprised id it was u ugly bitches" britney said again

what to do to these bitches

slap or punch?? hard choice😝 xxx sorry had to put that last part z

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