I dont want to hurt you


27. Victoria

i follow michael back into the living room

i went and sat on the sofa next to calum cuz rosie had gone to get her stuff fro hers

"why is micael in a mood?" calum asked you

"he wanted puzza and stuff so i said he had to ask dani first" i replied

"oh yh i get it. he will be okay in a bit" calum told you

"yh" i whispered

i looked over at you and luke and you were already making out :p

i got up to go to the loo and by the time i was done rosie was back and everyone was sat on the floor in one circle

"whats going on guys" i asked wondering why everyone was sat

on the floor

"come on were playing teuth or dare" michael rtold me patting the spot next to him.

"well he seams to be in a better mood" i mumble to myself

when i sat down the door bell rang

"pizza!!" michael yelled

"thats explains why he wasnt moody" i told luke and dani

they both just nodded

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