I dont want to hurt you


16. Victoria

"erm no 3, oh 7 hot, but oohh 10 shes fit. im gunna go ask if she wants to ait with us" ashton said.

right now ashton was rating girls out of 10 to see if there were any he liked but all the ones that he liked had other boyfriends.

ashton was a bout to walk ap to her until luke stopped him and pulled him back

"unless you wanna get you face smashes in bye her hulk massive muscle BOYFRIEND who is looking at you and probably thinking why some wierdo is staring at his girlfriend dont go over to her" luke told ashton.

we had the snacks and tickets and were now finding our seats in the screan room.

"how about here" you said pointing to the middlr row in the centre of the room.

we all took our seats and then the adverts started.

half way through the movie you and luke started making out

"really? god get a room. and im making a rule" ashton told us all

"really and what is that rule mr bossy pants?" i asked whilst michael kissed my cheek

"nobody is aloud to kiss until i get a girl aswell" ashton said

"what? thats not fair!" me, you, luke and mikey said at the same time. a bit loud

"shhh" mainly everyone in the room told us

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