I dont want to hurt you


14. Victoria

"we should all go out after this" i told michael, you, ashton and luke.

"yeah like bowling or to the movies" ashton addded.

"yh lets see that new women in black movie thats out" you said

calum came back with his drink and michael told him that were going to the movies.

"hey wheres my drink?" ashton asked calum.

"what point of my middle finger do you not understand" calum said back

"hey calum calm down just cuz you cant get a girl" michael teased him.

"shutup ashton isnt with anyone either" callum argued

"yh and hes ok with it. your going all moody" i said whist flicking calums head

"ow. michael your girlfriend is so mean" calum said

"yh but i love her" michael told him holding me tight.

"aww you guys are cute. but anyway calum hurry ad finish ur drink so we can go to the movies" you said getting excited

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