I dont want to hurt you


10. Victoria

"ok then. michael will you go out with me?" i asked looking at him whulilst he still had his arm arlund me..

"well lats see erm you like to make fun of people, your dirty minded and you cute and funny. so yeah yeah i will" michael replied.

"luke is back now so go on ask him. he will say yes so dont be worried" michael told you.

"okay erm hey luke can i ask you something?" you asked

"well you just did but yeah what is it" luke said

"erm will you go out with me?" you asked hoping he would say yes.

" yes!!! i mean yh whatever" luke answered.

calum, me, ashton were all just laughing.

"told you he would say yes" michael said.

"ok well ashton me and you need a bird now!" callum yelled in ashtons face.

"well your never gunna get one with that morning breath" ashton said pushing callums face away.

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