Prefect Experiments


2. Tiger: New Friend


Tiger: New Friends


I look up into the face of a young human male! I gasp and slam my hands over my ears. There isn't much I can do about my orange and black striped skin. He laughs, lends down and gives my tail a slight tug.


Relax, I'm just like you... Almost.” He says smiling


What!” I take my hands away from my head.

He was right. Black hair, black eyes, they were the same, but he has gray dog-ish ears sticking out of his shaggy hair, a messy tail protruding from his lower back; not to mention grey skin.

Tiger.” I stand up and twitch my tail.

Wolf.” His ears flick uncomfortable as I say my name. “Are you out here alone?”


Canis lupus. These words roll through my brain, I shake them away.


My ears droop “No... Yes... I mean...”


You shouldn't be out here alone.” He tilts his head to the side “You can join my brother and me.”


Thanks.” I say shakily.


Inside I feel so relieved, it isn't safe to be alone roaming about when there are Perfects hunting for you.


Are you injured?” Wolf looks at my hands.


I shake my head “No, not really.”

Wolf frowns but leads the way back into the forest. Back. Back to where I came from. I shift behind Wolf; he looks over his shoulder at me, concerned.


Why are we here?” I ask


Fox wanted to investigate what happened. He had me sniff around and follow your scent.” Wolf pauses “Tiger, you were there. What happened?”


I bit my lip “My sister was...”


WOLF, Wolf you’re... Whoa, what did you find?” A tall, male with red skin exploded from the bushes.


Tiger meet Fox; Fox meet Tiger.” Wolf turns to Fox, “What else did you find?”


Vulpes vulpes, Words. They make me shiver.


Fox's grin disappears then reappears in a flash.


I found four different scents; two scientist's minions, one hers, and the other is unknown. Genius!” He smiles and winks at me.


Wolf rolls his eyes “Tiger was here so she knows....”


My conclusion is that someone was taken by the scientist. We must go and rescue our fellow 'experiment', let's hope she is a damsel, in distress.” He strikes a heroic pose.


I giggle; Wolf swings his tail in annoyance.


Cautiously I reply “My sister, Cheetah, was taken.”


Ah so she is a damsel in distress. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go and rescue her.”


Fox marches off in the general direction of the scientist lab.

I look at Wolf; he shrugs and follows Fox. 

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