The Yule Ball

This is fourth year and Amythist Nightingale is looking for someone to take her to the Yule Ball and just so happens to stumble upon the (in her opinion) really cute ginger by the name of Ronald Weasley. Her friend, Breanna Carlisle is in the same situation, except, she finds a really (in her opinion) hot guy named Harry Potter. What happens when they ask the boys to the Yule Ball? Will they say yes? Or will they leave the girls broken-hearted? All credit to JustAsSaneAsLuna for making the cover. She is the best. So, if you need a cover, make sure to ask her. After all, she did make this.


6. Ron's POV

"Get up!" said Hermione, shaking Harry awake.

"Okay, Hermione! I'm up!"

"Get up Ronald!" she yelled again, pulling my pillow out from under me, then smacking me in the face with it a good few times.

"Bloody hell Hermione!" I said, earning another good whack with my pillow. 

"Get up, you don't want to be late, do you?" she said. She left the room and Harry and I began to get dressed. We got our clothes on as quickly as possible, because, if we were late for our portkey, we wouldn't have gotten to go to the World Cup. We ate the toast that mum gave us so quickly that it caused her to say this:

"You lot act like you've never seen food before! Or like I've never fed you! You, Ginerva, are worse than your brother, Ronald!" she rounded on me and Harry. "I remember you two eating so much last night that there was one bite of food left! Usually there's enough to feed all nine Weasleys again! I hate to say it, but, you two, are hogs!"

But, anyways, back to what we were talking about before. We are going to meet two of dad's friends at the portkey. Mr. Nightingale and Mr. Carlisle. Dad says that they each have a girl. One of them is Amythist Nightingale and the other is Breanna Carlisle. No, not the men! Their daughters! Dad says that Amythist would appeal to me and Breanna to Harry. He has a bet with both of their dads that if Amythist and I hook up, he gets ten Galleons and if Harry and Breanna hook up, he gets ten Galleons also. Pretty good deal, but not gonna happen anytime soon. Like never.

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