The Yule Ball

This is fourth year and Amythist Nightingale is looking for someone to take her to the Yule Ball and just so happens to stumble upon the (in her opinion) really cute ginger by the name of Ronald Weasley. Her friend, Breanna Carlisle is in the same situation, except, she finds a really (in her opinion) hot guy named Harry Potter. What happens when they ask the boys to the Yule Ball? Will they say yes? Or will they leave the girls broken-hearted? All credit to JustAsSaneAsLuna for making the cover. She is the best. So, if you need a cover, make sure to ask her. After all, she did make this.


2. Breanna's POV

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'How is it possible for an owl to be jealous of another owl? Are they suddenly animals with human emotions like hatred and jealousy?' Well, that is entirely true because when Nightshade was leaving, Salem looked at her like 'I hate you, Nightshade. Why do you have to be perfect? Even though we are a pair of very rare owl twins, I still don't like you. You took my owner!' Anyways, this is what Salem looks like.

Amythist is in love with Salem. She thinks that she is adorable. Back on topic, someone asked me one day 'How do you begin to describe Amythist Nightingale?' I replied with ' She has long, curly brown hair with blonde highlights, blueish/greenish/grayish eyes, and about my height. Is really shy when it comes to meeting new people, but once you get to know her, she won't shut up.' When the same person asked her that same question, except with my name, she replied 'Well, she has beautiful tan skin, my height, brown eyes, light brown hair that is about halfway down her back, she can be super quiet sometimes, but really and truly, she loves to talk.' She would have told them that I am a fourth year Hufflepuff at Hogwarts, and I would have told them that she was a fourth year Ravenclaw, but the girl that asked was a Muggle, so we didn't say anything

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