The Yule Ball

This is fourth year and Amythist Nightingale is looking for someone to take her to the Yule Ball and just so happens to stumble upon the (in her opinion) really cute ginger by the name of Ronald Weasley. Her friend, Breanna Carlisle is in the same situation, except, she finds a really (in her opinion) hot guy named Harry Potter. What happens when they ask the boys to the Yule Ball? Will they say yes? Or will they leave the girls broken-hearted? All credit to JustAsSaneAsLuna for making the cover. She is the best. So, if you need a cover, make sure to ask her. After all, she did make this.


4. A'mya's POV

Hello, my name is A'mya. I am the younger sister of Breanna Carlisle. Yes, I know, I've a lot to live up to. But the worst part? I don't get to go to Hogwarts until next year! And, I might have to go to Beuxbatons! Yes, the frilly, all-girl school where you get to wear tight dresses and stupid hats. I mean, what's the point of them? There isn't one! But, my friend Harlequin I sending letters, so I wont be entirely bored. but in her last letter, she said not to send Celestia, my owl. She is an albino European Owl.

I'm not really sure why though. Good luck, trying to figure it out.

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