The Yule Ball

This is fourth year and Amythist Nightingale is looking for someone to take her to the Yule Ball and just so happens to stumble upon the (in her opinion) really cute ginger by the name of Ronald Weasley. Her friend, Breanna Carlisle is in the same situation, except, she finds a really (in her opinion) hot guy named Harry Potter. What happens when they ask the boys to the Yule Ball? Will they say yes? Or will they leave the girls broken-hearted? All credit to JustAsSaneAsLuna for making the cover. She is the best. So, if you need a cover, make sure to ask her. After all, she did make this.


1. Amythist's POV

Okay, so Breanna and I have been sending owls to each other all summer long. We are super excited for our fourth year. We heard from Breanna's dad that the Triwizard Tournament will be held at Hogwarts this year! Breanna's dad works on the same level as my dad at the Ministry. They both work in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. In fact, they work right beside each other! Because my dad works in that department, Breanna and I get to go to the Quiddich World Cup! It will happen in aout two weeks, but the only problem is that I absolutely HATE getting up before seven 'o clock in the morning, not to mention walking a mile to the portkey, where we're supposed to meet one of our dad's friends from work, Arthur Weasley and Amos Diggory. Look! Nightshade's back with a letter from Breanna! Nightshade is my owl. He looks like this:

But, anyways, here's what the letter says:

Hey Amythist! I am so excited about the Quiddich World Cup, aren't you? I hope that I get to see you soon! Don't write me back, though, Salem is jealous of Nightshade because I stroked her one more time than I did Salem. Well, bye! See you at the World Cup! Love you like a sister!

                                                With Love From,


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