A World Without God

God has left the world and humanity....he has granted humanities last wish. To not die ever again.. He no longer is part of the world. He has abandoned humanity. A Young 16 year old who is a gatekeeper makes a journey to free the living humans who are dead but are alive. She later runs into someone who she believes is her father. Later on she finds out a surprising news. The journey she has made to free the decreased humans from living hell.


1. Memories

"Say mama the world is pretty!"

"Yes it is pretty Rei...this place where the village lays its kind of like a piece of heaven.. its where all of the diminishes are welcomed like where god welcomes his children in heaven."

"whats your dream mama?"

"My dream....I want to build a place just like heaven by welcoming the diminishes to where they can live a peaceful and have lots of happiness here."

"I want to help you mama!"

"No you can't Rei this is my dream and my dream is also my job to make it come true. One day you'll have to create a dream for yourself and try your hardest to make it come true."


I was five years old when I last saw my mother. One day as i was walking with my mother down by the town....the sky turned gray and cloudy leaving one spot of the sky showing. It was giving off a bright shining light down at us. Before we all knew it god said "Failed." He was no longer with us. There was no longer miracles happening. The last wish god had granted to humanity was to never die again. After god abandoned humanity the humans who died couldn't die they were still alive just like a normal alive human would be and look. I was digging up the last of the grave holes i was told to do for 42 dead bodies who have found a way and passed on to the after life.

"That makes 42 holes for the bodies..." I said. I looked at the sunset and as always I worked my way back home. as i crossed the farm fields the farmers looked at me.

"Everyone! Rei is back!" yelled out old Jake. Everyone gathered around me.

"Hey! Don't treat me like a child.." They offered me candies, cookies, and more sweets I tried my hardest to resist from receiving them but I just love sweets that i couldn't say no.

"Guys I told you not to offer food to the gravekeeper.." said Nelson. Everyone looked at Nelson leaving me open to him seeing me eat the food.

"As for you I told you not to accept the food they give you." Nelson was smiling.

"B-b-but i couldn't resist even though i tried to resist.." I pouted. He grabbed my arm and started walking.

"Let's go home. Bye guys!"

"Bye! Good work Rei." said Everyone. We went home.

"Alice!" I said hugging her.

"Welcome home Rei." We ate dinner. Then I headed off to bed. The next morning i woke up as usually took a shower and got dressed. Today i had to go close the holes since they had the bodies in there. I made my way back to the grave yard. I digged  back up the holes then put the crosses by them. After sealing all 42 graves I noticed it was afternoon because the sky was redish orange. I walked my way back home by crossing the fields first. 

"Ahh....what should I do now I finished the graves.......maybe I can help out the villagers!" I looked at the fields and saw no one. It was odd because usually they were working at the farms. I went to the town too see who needed help but found no one.

"That's odd....no ones here at all..." I ran all through town but there was no one. I was running on my way home when I bumped into someone.

"Oops.." said a voice. I looked up to see who it was. the man standing in front of me had gray hair and dark blue eyes. Ah..he's beautiful... The man pulled out a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at my forehead.

"Who are you." He asked.

"I'm Rei...the gravekeeper of this place..." He put away his gun when I said that.

"Since your a gravekeeper I have a question, May I ask?"

"Ok.." I replied

"Have you seen a women with light brown hair and blue eyes shes as tall as I am."


"I see thanks anyways later.." He said as he started to walk off.

"Hey! Wait what's your name!" I said

"Ramon Hambert."

"You have the same name my dad has!" I  said surprisingly.


"C-could it be your my father!?"

"No I am not your father. C'mon that name doesn't even exist how can your father be named that.." I stood in silence.


"Yes?" I replied

"Can you do me a favor since only gravekeepers can do this."


"Follow me." He said as we started heading to where I live. After we made it to the center of the house I couldn't move.

"Dig graves for the bodies." I looked everywhere....everyone was dead.

"Rei..something terrible happened to the village you have to leave now." said old Jake. When I looked at him half his face was blown off. I was a bit frightened.

"Ahh don't look!" he said covering his head with his hoodie.

"Ah I see your still alive.." said the guy who told me to dig the graves.

"Stay away from her!" said Jake standing in front of me. I couldn't believe this all happened.

"Just die you diminish.." He said shooting Jake in the head. Jake died at that moment. I stood there holding my gravekeepers shovel.

"So you were the one who killed them all.." I ran up to him and tried hitting him with the shovel but he kicked me. I fell to the ground. After awhile of being unconscious I woke up and finished digging up the holes and putting the bodies inside. I ended up following the man.

"How long do you intend to follow me?"

"Im a gravekeeper I find people who need help." I replied.

"Your not a gravekeeper...one because gravekeepers don't feel hatred or emotions of wanting to hurt a human. Two gravekeepers don't have parents. Those people lied to you your not a gravekeeper, Like her that's behind you shes a real gravekeeper."

"Hello my name is Sarah.."

"I have a question for you Sarah. Have you seen a women with light brown hair and blue eyes same height as me?"

"No there is no one who goes by that feature."

"Failed again..anyways Rei your not a gravekeeeper."

"Actually she is a gravekeeper." said Sarah.

"I told you!" I replied

"That can't be..Unless.......your half human half gravekeeper."

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