A World Without God

God has left the world and humanity....he has granted humanities last wish. To not die ever again.. He no longer is part of the world. He has abandoned humanity. A Young 16 year old who is a gatekeeper makes a journey to free the living humans who are dead but are alive. She later runs into someone who she believes is her father. Later on she finds out a surprising news. The journey she has made to free the decreased humans from living hell.


2. Memories II

We ended up walking to the next field when suddenly the man stopped.

"What do you intend to do from now on?" he asked.

"I'm a gravekeeper I look for people who need help."

"That's not it!! I mean how are you going to survive how will you get shelter how will you find food if everyone you know is dead."

"I.....I don't know..." The man I thought was my father pulled out the gun and pointed it towards my forehead.

"Would you like to die here so you can be with them?" My eyes widened.

"I...don't want to die.."

"Wrong answer...you should've said you wanted to live." Before he pulled the trigger someone had shot him.


"Hey! Does it hurt!?"

"Of course it hurts!!"

"Are you going to be ok?!" I asked.

"He's fine he is immortal he cannot die at all." another man said and ran up to me as he pulled me away from him. 

"Ramon Hambert." said the man. The other guy got up still wounded.

"Ah it's been awhile Jason D'Arnico. Has it been four years? Wait no five years since we last saw each other my friend?"

"It's been exactly six years. I'm here for revenge of my wife." said Jason.

"Why do you now want revenge if you could've done it a long time ago? Perhaps your son passed away?"

"Shut up! Or i'll shoot her!" Jason grabbed me and pointed the gun at my forehead.

"W-w-wait i'm not part of this!" I yelled out.

"hahahah! Are you serious? You got sad to even face that your wife was one of the diminish. You didn't want the gravekeepers to kill her so you hid your family up on the mountains to live a peaceful life"

"Yes that's true and what of it?"

"I can't allow that kind of happiness to be here in this world that is why I simply immobilized her." 

"Why you! Battle me to death!"

"If you want to battle me to death meet me at  the nearest town near by. cya." He left after he said that. The man let go of me.

"Don't get involved with him he's not a nice guy." he told me then left. I've got no where to go... I got no one. I'll just leave this place and meet the outside world to save the dead. I picked up my shovel and headed to the entrance of the town connected to the outside world.  Before I left I wanted to say goodbye to my house that I once lived in. It was nightfall already I was at the entrance I stopped in front of it to take one last look of the village. I'll miss you guys... 

"Oh so your here." I turned to look at the man who was the killer of the villagers.

"Hey aren't you supposed to be at the town for the battle?" I asked

"I'm not going..."

"Why? Are you chickening out?" I grinned.

"I'm not isn't it obvious. If we fought together to death he wouldn't be able to kill me cause im immortal plus I'm ditching." After awhile of walking we ended up by a bridge with an abandoned broken house. We spent the night there. The whole night we didn't speak with each other. When it hit morning we walked out of the house walking down the bridge.

"Say Rei how old are you?"

"I'm sixteen..."

"No wonder you couldn't tell that your a gravekeeper. Your young plus there aren't any kids your age anymore not after that day referring to the day god abandoned humanity. After that women weren't able to have children anymore."

"How old are you?"

"Same age as Jason 33 years-old. We are childhood friends. Say have you given up on being a gravekeeper?"

"That's none of your busine-!" I said as I tripped falling face flat on the ground. I got up and he turned to look at me.

"Ow.." I had tripped over a rock I didn't see spraining my ankle for a bit. I saw he squatted down.

"Come on I'll give you a piggy back ride."

"WHHHHHAT!!!! Nooooooo!"

"Huh?" I was completely a bit embarrassed and pissed off.

"It's embarrassing because i'm sixteen and im not a child! What if someone were to sees us!!"

"Stop whining your hurt. C'mon."

"Fine.." I said getting on his back. He got up.



"Your surprisingly light. Ok let's go before Jason catches up."

"Where to?"

"You'll see." He got up on the ridge of the bridge and jumped off.

"EHHHH!!!!" After we made it to the bottom I had to sit down.

"I don't think that thats what you would call a piggy back ride." said all gloomy.

"No? My father would give me lots of those when I was little." After we walked for five hours we made it to the waterfall bridge that lead us to the next village in the town. Suddenly a noise appeared out of the blue.

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