Purpose-less ?

What happens when you question the impossible?


1. Introduction

" What is going on here? They call this place "Earth" ..?

What am I ? Why am I? They all seem to be just existing away, but what's this thing all about? Life?

And then , we're just bags of chemicals?

What is the purpose of this? What is their purpose? What ..is..my purpose?

These thoughts make me so confused , do I really have to live?

Is this what it should be ?

Why do I question? Why do i why? 

Hello..., can anyone hear me? "

This is what "he" used to question everytime. He never found friends because he thought they were a waste of time.

His thoughts weren't suitable for his age.

16 and lonely and depressed, nobody could understand him.

Felt that this was his only chance to live , they all kept saying YOLO , but how can you live knowing the fact that you're going to die soon.

So he decided to find a purpose....




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