Purpose-less ?

What happens when you question the impossible?


3. How do we do it?

His ego kept making him feel he was the only one to do it but soon he was let down.
He met like minded people and noticed that he wasn't the only one to pursue a dream.

He hated it .

He wanted to be the only one.

He knew he was wrong. He was controlled by his ego. He needed to train his mind. He needed to open the inner levels of his conscience.

To see ,what he found was amazing.

That ego was a unfinished picture, so was lust and all other negative emotions.

Incomplete within themselves. If you could complete the picture, you would never be happy.

Like , 'I am going to be the only one.. ' and suppose you really do become 'Ok i am the one' Now what? Now what does it make you feel? Do you still feel the ego inside? This is a complete picture .

It's really easy , you know? When you get a pinch by your conscience , you must react . We have been brainwashed into ignoring our conscience. That's what "they" thrive on. 

"He" said , "I'm sure when any of us first did a wrong thing, the pinch was hard, But then they saw others doing the same thing ,and they continued with it, stealing away our only undiscovered gift of  communication, our conscience"

So , he accepted the faults in himself. That's where he left 20000 other egoistic folks behind.

"You know you have got so much to do, that you don't have time to count what you have done"

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