Purpose-less ?

What happens when you question the impossible?


2. A meeting with the saints

"He" always wanted to be different. But the more he wanted it , he kept being the same.
Maybe because his motive was a selfish one.

Just wanted to learn things all by his own. That's what he did ,too . He spent so much time learning things on his own without the aid of any teacher , loved it all.
But still the thought still remained , " What's my purpose"

He never understood the concept of money. I'm sure, neither do you.


Once he visited India on a short trip and noticed the poverty and the worst standards of living.

He didn't understand the fact that how can one be "rich" just because he was born there, and how this whole "system"

of manipulation and stealing used to destroy the faint hearts of those who were unlucky.

After all, "where does this money come from"

"Is this an illusion of democracy"

"Why do we not share our resources , when we're in one Earth?"

When he had seen enough , he realized his purpose.

"To destroy the system"



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