Lies into the Heart

Betty and Robert had been dating for weeks, and got along well, and Robert was ready to pop the question, when a lie is revealed that will break his heart.


1. The Date

     Robert sat at the restaurant table twiddling his thumbs will she show up? Robert thought to himself while staring out the window. He had met Betty in the park, about a week ago, and it was love at first sight, and Robert had scrounged up enough courage to ask her out. as soon as the thought came into his mind he heard a voice say "Robert?", he looked up to see Betty, as beautiful as the day he met her, He smiled asking her to sit. "You look stunning" Robert said admiring her beautiful face. Betty blushed and thanked him. the waiter came over for their orders, they both just ordered a salad. They talked for a bit and realized that they have more in common than they thought, and that they both loved the same things. They realized it was already 10:00 when the waiter came for the check, they both reached out for it, and their hands touched, Betty blushed. "I'll pay for the food" Robert says, just realizing that he had his hand on hers for a little to long. As they walked outside Robert asks "Are you doing anything this Fri-" as Betty interrupts him to say "I would love another date..." Betty kisses Robert on the cheek and leaves to her car I think i'm in love Robert thinks while going to his car.

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