My Misidentified Love

Tess North has always wanted to be a writer. She never has had a problem with any of her teachers until she goes off to college and gets Professor Irwin.

Cover was made by Jenna.


4. Chapter 4

Hello Everyone I love you.

Spring Break starts tomorrow so that means A LOT more updates.

Thanks for being patient. 


Tess's POV

My lips were slightly parted from what I had just heard. I shook my head as I chuckled to myself. After I tried to study for a few more minutes I gave up. I tossed my binders and books somewhere throughout the room as I changed into a pair of sweats and a plain black tee.

I soon enough came to realization that my Professor was a man horror. I slipped into be and fell into a deep slumber.


- Next Morning -


The sunlight burned into my eyes as I slowly woke up. I pushed the blankets off of me as I saw Cara with yet another guy. I let out a sigh of disappointment. I grabbed a pair of light colored high-waisted skinny jeans along with a crop top that read 'Never Be Alone' and lastly a pair of black vans.

After I got dressed I brushed through my naturally straight hair, then soon put on a little eyeliner and mascara. Soon enough I placed my scattered books and binders into my bookbag.I grabbed ahold of the bag and my phone as I walked out the door.

I stepped into lecture hall as I came in contact with Calum as I embraced him into a warm and welcoming hug.

"How are you today Cal?"I asked as we walked over to my desk. "I'm doing great, what about yourself?" I gave him a sincere smile before responding. "I'm good." Right when Calum was going to speak the door swung open to reveal him.

"Okay class, get with your groups and finish the last bit of the essay, It's due tomorrow." Ashton shouter rather loudly. I sent him a slight glare as I was pulled back into reality as Dani waved her petite hand in my face. "Tess!"

"Huh?" I said glancing at her. "Let's work." She demanded as I faced my group.


- An Hour Later -


I couldn't focus on anything but the extra credit right now. MY group and I practically have the entire essay over with now. "Be right back, I have to talk to Professor Irwin." I said as I sat up from my chair. "Okay just remember he doesn't bite." Luke said cheekly.

I made my way over to Professor Irwin,once he had came in contact with me he slightly smirked as he rolled his eyes. "What is it now Ms.North?" He asked as his eyes roamed across my body.

"Extra Credit, Please Professor Irwin. I need it and if I don't do it soon my grade will slowly get even worse." I whined as he sent me a soft smile.

" You want it that bad, huh? " He teased.

"Ashton...I need the extra credit now." I whispered-yelled at him. He gave me a glare.

"Call me Professor Irwin not by my first name." He snapped. I stepped back a moment at the fast mood change. "Come into my office." He said as he stood from his desk and entered a secondary room also known as his personal office. "Sit down and don't say a word."

I obeyed his command as he leaned against his desk as he looked down at me.

"You're the first student I have ever had that has asked about extra credit, or even fussed at me for that matter. I guess I respect your acknowledgment towards your education. That being said your extra credit may cross college boundaries, but obviously you must have your grade extremely increased." Ashton spoke broadly as I nodded agreeing with him towards my expectations. " That being said your extra credit is very simple." Ashton said nearing me to were his lips brushed against my ear. " You let me fuck you when I want, no complaints, you will not tell anyone, and consider us fuck buddies for extra credit, we're nothing more and we never will be. So Tess there's your extra credit. Now go back and work your sexy ass off.



I hope you liked it. 

love you lots.







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