My Misidentified Love

Tess North has always wanted to be a writer. She never has had a problem with any of her teachers until she goes off to college and gets Professor Irwin.

Cover was made by Jenna.


3. Chapter 3

Hey it's Bri

How are you today????

I hope you're doing well if not STAY STRONG

Enjoy Chapter 3.




"Tess you okay?" Luke asked as my jaw was still dropped. Michael yanked my essay out of my hands whilst Brianna and Dani sneaked a peak. 

"Ouch, I thought you were a nerd." Luke teased, I sent him a glare and grabbed my essay back.

"I-I don't know how i failed...I thought it was one of m-my best essay's." Calum comfortingly patted my back. "Look i'm almost positive that your essay was amazing, maybe Professor Irwin didn't understand it." I chuckled at his words and nodded. Calum pulled me into another hug, before Professor Irwin came over and said. "Personal space Mr.Hood." Calum pulled away from me as i shot Ashton a glare.

"Okay class that's it for today, see you tomorrow, remember your group assignment is due this Friday." Professor Irwin stated as he looked at his phone.

Calum came over to me as i sent him a friendly smile.

"Hey do you think we could get a coffee later, you know like just you and me?" Calum asked. I grabbed ahold of my books.

"I would love to, just text me what time and i'll be there." Calum nodded and walked out of the classroom.

I waited for everyone to exit so i could talk to Ashton about my grade.

I walked over to his desk and slammed the paper down on his desk. "Hello to you to Ms.North, I assume you would like to talk about your grade." I shot him a glare and nodded. "Do you know how long it took to write that essay perfectly?"

Ashton smirked as he picked the paper up. "You know how long it took me to grade this, Ms.North I am aware you don't like the grade I gave you but the grammatical errors I found were absurd."

"Well I've never failed anything, can I just redo it or get an extra assignment to boost up my grade to a B at least." I begged.

"This so cute, seeing you beg for a better grade.Well I hate to break it to you darling, but this is college you don't get what you want." Ashton said as he gave the paper back to me. I sighed as I put the paper into my binder. 

"You know I was excited for this class before I found out the Professor was you, now i can't stand it."

"Ouch that hurt." Ashton playfully pouted. I began to walk away before Ashton ran after me.

"Hey tell Mr.Hood to keep away, and here." Ashton said as he gave me a card. 

"What is this?"

"Nice talking to you Ms.North." Ashton said as he shot me a smirk and pushed me out the door.

****Coffee House****

Calum told me to meet up with him at this coffee house at 4pm, so here i am drinking coffee alone at a table texting Dani and Bri. I heard the door to the coffee shop open and I noticed it was Cal. He got his coffee and sat beside me. 

"Sorry soccer ran a bit late." Calum said out of breath.

"No it's fine. So what's up?" I asked before I took a sip of my coffee. Calum went blank for a moment or two before he was in his normal sane of mind.

"Well I was just wondering if maybe you know..we could go out. I mean only if you want to I don't want to force you to be with me, sorry um would you like to be my girlfriend?" I chuckled as he continued to talk on and on.

"Look Cal you seem like a really nice guy, and you're really cool. To be completely honest you don't want to be with a girl like me I care too much about grades, and school, and scholarships. I'd bore you to death. As you said before I can't afford any distractions. To sum things up I don't think i'm ready for a relationship right now, and i'm sorry I hope we can still be friends." Calum's face went blank. "I'm so-"

I was cut off by Calum. "No it's fine, It was a stupid question that should have never been asked. I'm sorry." I gave him a tight hug. 

"You're going to find someone out there that will treat you amazing, i'm just not that girl." Calum hugged me back and thanked me. "I have to go, this was nice, hope we can start out fresh." I said as Cal nodded. 


"Hey Cara." Cara shot her head up and gave me a quick smile. "Hey i'm going out with a few of my friends, do you wanna go?" I shook my head. "No sorry i'd love to but i have to study." Cara nodded her head and grabbed her phone as she left the room.

Here i was in my dorm alone feeling the need to study I rummaged through my binders until a piece of paper fell to the floor. I furrowed my brow in confusion as I picked it up to see a number handwritten and a note on the back saying 'Extra Credit'. A smile grew upon my face as I dialed in the number and called it.

It rang three times before he answered.


"Hey this is Tess North." I stated as i laid down on my bed.

"Oh, hello Ms.North it's a pleasure really, what do you need?" Ashton asked I swear i could feel his presence.

"I think you were considering to give me extra credit. If you can possibly give me the assignment tonight I can give it to you tomorrow." Ashton bursted out laughing.

"Ms.North your extra credit is going to be a extended amount of time to complete."

I gulped. "I don't think I understand Professor Irwin."

"Ask me about it tomorrow after lecture hall, i'm busy right now."

"Busy?" I asked before I heard a laughter of a girl and then he hung up.

I hate college.








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