My Misidentified Love

Tess North has always wanted to be a writer. She never has had a problem with any of her teachers until she goes off to college and gets Professor Irwin.

Cover was made by Jenna.


2. Chapter 2




I put my head down hoping he wouldn't notice me. He ran inside and put his bag on his desk. Ashton looked up, he saw me and gasped whilst tripping over. I looked up a gave him a slight smile. 

"Hello class I'm sorry I am late but I slept in" He said flashing me a smirk. 

"Today you are going to be working in  groups" He says smirking again at me and then continuing "you will be able to pick your own groups. Please choose wisely". 

I just sat in my spot as people got up and starting making groups when two girls walked up to me. One had dark brown hair, a lip piercing and a black singlet with the 'fuck you' written on it while wearing black skinny jeans. The other one had dark brown eyes, glasses and was wearing a blink-182 shirt with black skinny jeans. 

"Hi I'm Dani" said the one with the lip piercing. 

"Hi I'm Brianna" said the one with glasses. 

"Hi I'm Tess" I say back to them. 

"Want to be in our group?" Dani asks.

"Sure" I smile. 

The next thing I know three other guys walk up to us. One of them who has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and a lip piercing went up to dani, have her a peck on the lips and put his arm around her waist. Another one of them went up to brianna gave her a kiss and they held hands. He had bright red hair, eye brow piercing and green eyes. The last one was had black hair, lots of tattoos and looked a bit Asian.

"Oh I forgot to introduce you all. This is my boy friend Michael" Brianna said kissing the one with red hairs check. 

"That's Calum" dani said pouting at the Asian looking one and then continues "This is my boyfriend Luke. Boys this Tess she is our friend and in our group" Dani said. 

"Nice to meet you all should we start our assignment" I say back. 

"Sure" They all reply. 

We work really hard and get what needed to be done finished 5min before the bell went. 

"Everyone write an essay telling me about yourself, it's due tomorrow when you enter class." Everyone nodded then noticed Calum tapping my shoulder. 

"So Tess do you want to go out to dinner with us all tonight" Calum says. 

"Yeh sure why not I just need to get all of your numbers" We do a phone swap and I get all there numbers right before the bell rings. Then the bell rings. 
                                                                               "Miss. North could I speak to you for a minute.?" Professor Irwin also know as ashton says right after I finish packing up. I gulped as I grabbed my bag and everyone runs out of the class. I wave goodbye to the boys, Dani and Brianna.

Once everyone has left Ashton shuts the door and closes the blinds. 

"Sorry I have to go to my next class."I say quickly. 

Professor Irwin smirked."I'll write you a pass."

Ashton grabs me and starts kissing me. I'm caught off guard but for some reason I start kissing him back. It's so wrong but it feels so good. 

"Ashton...we shouldn't be...doing this."

We were standing there having a full on make out session when there is a knock on the door and the door slowly opens. 

I jumped back from ashton and said "Thank professor Irwin, I didn't quite get that" I say waking off flashing a smirk leaving Ashton speechless. I walk passed and out the door and saw who almost walked in on me and Ashton. It was the dean of the university. I was shocked.

I was now done with all of my college classes, so I decided to go back to my dorm. Once I made it to my dorm I plopped on my bed.

"How was Professor Irwin?" Cara teased. I turned my head to face her and started to blush. 

"He was...amazing." I said whilst biting down on my lower lip til it became numb. Cara jumped on my bed and awed. 

"Cara calm down! He's just a Professor." Cara then glared at me then flashed me a smirk. "You're right, say what you want Tess."

With that Cara left, I don't know where she went but now I was all alone until my phone rang. I slowly accepted the call and cleared my throat. 

"Hi, it's Brianna, we're going to meet up at Panda Express at Seven, is that okay with you?" I heard laughs in the background. 

"Yeah that's great. See you guys then." With that I hung up the phone and looked at the time, which read six-thirty.

I took a really quick shower and then blow dried my hair. I unwrapped my towel and put on a black high waist skirt in addiction with a crop top that said "No Refunds." 

I applied some mascara as well as eyeliner  to my eyelashes and waterline. Lastly I curled my hair and put on a necklace my mum gave to me when I was six. 

I grabbed my purse and left to go to Panda Express.

***Panda Express ***

"Tess over here!" Luke said whilst having his arm wrapped around Dani. I smiled and walked over to where they were sitting. 

"You look great Tess." Calum said whilst I sat beside him. I blushed slightly at his comment and thanked him. 

"So..are you like seeing anyone?" Brianna asked. I smiled lightly. 

"No..not really. I mean there's this one guy but I don't think its going to go anywhere." 

"That's what I thought about Luke before he finally got the gutts to ask me out. He was a nervous reck, it was so adorable." Dani said holding onto Luke's hand. I could tell Luke got embarrassed. 

"Well. At least.i didn't ask you out like Mikey asked Bri out, you would've hated me." Brianna glared at Luke and calum and Michael bursted into laughter.

"Wait what'd you do Michael?" Michael stopped laughing and cleared his throat. 

"So it was a Friday night and I invited Bri to play some video games with me in my dorm since this is our second year being here. Well she came over with a box of pizza and well once we started playing she was kicking my ass so I got mad. She finally got up to turn the Xbox off and I ran up to her and cussed her out. She started crying really really badly, I felt really bad. Right when she was about to leave I grabbed her arm and kissed her and then popped the question. In my surprise she said yes. " 

"Awe that's so cute." I said. "So Calum who's your lucky girl?" Calum chuckled softly.

"I don't know yet, haven't found her. With soccer and other activities I can't really afford to have any distractions." I nodded in agreement. 

"I think the assignment Professor Irwin gave us is complete bullshit." Michael whined. I bit my lip and looked at him. 

"It isn't even that hard. We just have to write about self harming and drugs. It's fairly simple." I stated messing with the hem of my shirt. 

"You must be really smart if it isn't bugging you." Brianna said. I nodded. 

"I'm great at writing I guess you could say I've never failed an essay or any of my classes, so there you have it ik a nerd." 

"A cute one." Calum said softly enough for me to hear. 

"Lets order food, I'm starving!"

Lecture Hall

I grabbed my fully typed essay that was ready to turn in. I feel like this essay is one of my best papers ever.

Professor Irwin walked in holding a Starbucks cup in his right hand and suitcase in the left. 

"I hope everyone did their essays because I won't be taking them after today." 

Ashton walked around the class before picking up the essays. He got to me and I handed him my paper making his warm fingertips touch my hand. He gathered all the paper and placed them on his desk. 

"I will warn you I'm a harsh grader so if you think you did badly, you did worse than you think. Get in your groups and do the assignment we talked about yesterday. I should have these graded by the end of class."

An hour passed and I feel like our group has accomplished nothing. Professor Irwin was passing out essays everyone in my group got theirs but mine. They all got B's. 

"Tess North. Where are you?" I raised my hand and Ashton handed me my paper 68?! I've never failed anything in my life, Professor Irwin has a cold soul, he has something coming his way. 

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