Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


5. the Tour!

Kasey fell asleep in my chest I was wide awake she rolled over " Cal get some sleep you have a show tomorrow" she said "how,my girlfriend could be in great danger or she could be in no danger at all,I thought love was like your boyfriend took away your virginity not some person on the street" I said stressed "you wanted to take away my virginity!?" She said "doesn't matter I'll call the police to go to the place at 10:00" I say "ok whatever but I'm going to sleep" she said rolling over so I call them. I woke up with her beside me it was 11:00 and I got a call from the police saying 'we have caught all 4 criminals and that we're safe' she wakes up and says "snuggle meeeeeeeee" I laugh and wrap my arm around her and I hear her go back to sleep "MAN ITS MY SISTE PUT ON SOME PANTS" I hear Luke say "I do!" I say "no you have boxers on" Kasey says "but I'm to cold so darling stay with me" she said singing the verses from Sam Smith stay with me I wrap my arm around her waist and I pull the blankets up to her chin and I pull across the curtain so it's dark in the bunk "love you Cal" Kasey said "love you to beautiful" I say she lays her head on my chest and I play with her hair I feel her legs go in between my legs so she is now on top of me my phone buzzes and she grabs it "ooh who texted you!" She said like a 5 year old "it's probably Mali" I say "no it's unknown number" she says "Cal?! It says hi handsome how's your morning?!" She says I can assure you I would never cheat on her "let's mess with her!" She says "I'll say 'who are you?'" She says "I'm a #1 fan of Calum hood from 5 seconds of summer why who's this" the girl said "his girlfriend Kasey" she replies "oh I'm sorry for 'hitting' on him it was meant to be a silly text but I actually love you more then him" she texted "haha it's fine a mistake please don't tell your friends about this number or I will have to block you and everyone else ok?" Kasey texted back "ok I will lose this number!" She texted back "k great!" Kasey texted back then gave me my phone "can all girls get along with girls on a phone!" I say "nah she seems like a squealer" Kasey said laying back down on my chest I laughed and put my phone under my pillow "you were very laid back about that" I said "meh, I know you would never cheat on me" she says "I feel the same" I say I put my hands under my head "STOP WIGGLING CAL IM TRYING TO SLEEP" Kasey said jokingly " I gotta get up beautiful" I say "noooooooooooooo you never snuggle" she said "ok 5 more minutes" I say putting her facing me I leaned in and Kissed her (A.N some 'wild' stuff soon so you can skip nothing special happens) our mouths in perfect sinc she was the best kisser ever my tongue slid across her bottom lip and our tongues were battling I loved her so much then Luke opened the curtain "stop kissing her like that it's just on the cusp of sex, we're leaving to the rollar coasters maybe you can meet us later" Luke said closing the curtain "that's a mood killer" Kasey said "it's meant to be" Luke said in the back round Kasey rolled her eyes and kissed me again it was just as beautiful as the first time she put her leg on my hip and wrapped her arms around my neck making us closer I pulled down her shorts just a little but she smacked my hand "here's not the place" she whispered "ok sorry" I said it was torture I guess she didn't want to cause yesterday she was raped or she didn't want to do it here but it killed me I was in the 'mood' "Stop Cal!" She whispered in the kiss I totally didn't notice that I was squeezing her ass "sorry" I say she pulls back after a few minutes smiling "still wanna leave?" She said "never" I said with us both leaning in for another kiss "Cal..." She said "sorry" I say few minutes later "Cal...!" She said "sorry"I say a few more minutes later "Cal...!!" She said "sorry" a few minutes later "Cal...!!!" She said "sorry" a few more minutes later "CAL WHAT IS WITH YOU TODAY" she screamed "I dunno!" I say "WELL STOP IT" she said "I will try" I say "good now smartin up" she said almost pissed at me "what am I doing wrong!" I say "you keep trying to take my shorts or shirt off idiot" she said now fully pissed off at me "sorry I can't help it" I say she pulls off her shirt and bra then says "stop" winking giving me the look meaning 'play along' I nod and we kiss again she was so beautiful everything about her from he personalty and her body but sometimes when I kissed her it's a bit awkward cause she looks so much like Luke in so many ways "eyes up here" she said "sorry" I say "CAL" she screams "WHAT" I say "PULL UP YOUR BOXERS IDIOT" she says "sorry I can't help it" I say after a few more minutes she says "I know how much this is killing you if you have 'protection' you can" she said I went to Ashton's bunk and went to his pillow case and pulled one on then I hopped back in and she pulled down her shorts "but careful I'm still 'sensitive' Cal" she said I nodded then slid in she breathed in and bit her lip "we don't need to-" I was cut off by her saying "I want to just slow to start" so I started off slow then I sped up and did as she said then we finished I took 'it' off then put on my jeans and shirt so did she but she had a shower then brushed her hair "thanks for that Cal" she whispered in my ear as we were waking out the door "no, thank you" I said she smirked (A.N bad stuff done) we drove to the roller coasters and we saw Mikey with the same coloured candy floss as his hair they came up to us and we went on a few rides then the park closed I ended up carrying Kasey to the car cause she was so tired then we ordered a pizza and we ate but Kasey was asleep in our bunk I climbed in at like 10:00 after playing FIFA "good game of FIFA?" Kasey asked "yep" I said laughing then I wrapped my arm around her waist. I woke up with her beside me but we were driving she was on her lap top "morning Cal" she said I think editing a vlog (for her YouTube channel she always makes videos and Vlogs and stuff) "morning beautiful" I say "what are you doing?" I ask "editing my daily vlog" she says "cool,how!?" I ask "well you do this,then this,then this and then this!" She said showing me (she's not the best at telling people stuff that's why she doesn't do DIY videos) I laugh at her directions then Ash opens up the curtains "what are you laughing at Cal" he says "Kasey's directions on how to edit videos" I say "DONT LAUGH AT MY SISTER" Luke yells pretending to get under my skin and be annoying "YEAH CAL DONT LAUGH AT THE YOUNGEST LET ALONE YOU GIRLFRIEND" Mikey says "yeah don't laugh at me!" Kasey said Jokingly "ok..." I said Kasey reaches across me and pulls across the curtain then lays her head on my chest and puts on her head phones "you ok?" I ask cause she only listens to Greenday and Little Mix when she's sad or angry and right now she's listening to little mix red planet I think that's what it's called "yeah I'm fine why!" She said "cause you only listen to little mix when you sad at angry" I say "Red Planet is one of my favourite songs! Can I not listen to it!" She said pretending to be angry "fine by me" I say putting up my hands she smiled and kissed my cheek "STOP GIVING MY SISTER HELL CAL" Luke said again trying to get under my skin "HES NOT PEA BRAIN" Kasey yelled I grabbed my phone and started to text some friends we stopped for gas and Kasey looked outside "WERE IN CALORNIA" (A.N sorry I'm Canadian I don't know how America works love you all) she screamed then blasted Katy Perry California gurls I laughed I fell asleep with Kasey humming American Idiot Then she blasted Good girls in my ear scaring the crap out of me and she said "the boys left to find 'girls'" "no fare!" I say jokingly she lightly slaps me as a joke knowing I was joking "but California girls are unforgettable daisy duke bikinis on top" I say "am I not good enough!?" She said joking "your more then enough" I said kissing her she kissed back then the boys came in drunk with a few girls Kasey laughed at what the boys were slurring out then some girl opened up our curtain and winked at me then she glared at Kasey and leaned in to kiss me I pulled away " COME ON MAN SHES HOT" Luke yelled at me drunk "nah man I got a hot girlfriend not a stripper" I say pulling back the curtain kissing Kasey then the bus is filled with moans Kasey laughs at the noises so do I she pulls off her shirt and bra then I take off mine same with my pants with only my boxers then Mikey throws a box of 'them' up here I grab one and then slide in Kasey is never good at the first part but when she gets used to it she amazing Kasey bites her lip and whimpers a little "that's a new noise" I whisper "YOU'VE DONE MY SISTER BEFORE THIS" Luke yelled at me "YEP" I said popping the 'p' then I slowly start then get going after we're done I take 'it' off put on my boxers and Kasey puts on her underwear and my shirt then Luke comes in looking pretty angry he pulls Kasey out of the bunk and in the back room

Kaseys P.O.V

"You did it with him Kasey" Luke said "yea..." I mumbled "YOUR 16 HES 18" Luke yelled "so" "ITS ILLEGAL" Luke yelled "DONT YELL AT ME" I yelled "I WILL YELL AT YOU AS MUCH AS I WANT YOU SLUT" Luke yelled at me at opened the door and ran to Calum in the bunk and cried "what's wrong beautiful" he asks me "LUKE CALLED ME A SLUT" I yelled then Luke got dirty looks from everyone then Calum pulled me into a hug and he kissed the top of my head "LUKE WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT!" Mikey yelled at him "IT JUST CAME OUT I DIDNT MEAN IT I SWEAR" he Luke said "FUCK OFF LUKE" Mikey said Calum played with my hair I pulled away "am I really a slut?" I ask "no,never Luke lost his virginity in grade 3" Calum says tucking a piece of my white hair behind my ear he pulled me into another kiss "STOP KISSING HER CAL YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND" Luke yelled making me freeze "NO I DONT KASEY IS MY ONLY GIRLFRIEND" Calum shouted "WHAT ABOUT LINDSAY?! THE ONE YOU SAY IS THE BEST MOST SMARTEST MOST FUNNIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD" Luke yells a few tears run down my face and I jump out of bed and Mikey just opens his arms waiting for my hug and tears he brings me in the back room closes the door "Mikey is it true?" I ask crying "I hate to say it,but yes it is" he says "I knew it was to good to be true" I say "but why?" I ask "what?" Mikey says "why is Calum cheating on this Lindsay girl-do you have a picture?" I say Mikey nods he shows me a picture of the most beautiful girl in the world "she's so pretty!-the lying pea brain cheated on her!" I ask her eyes were a deep blue with dark brown hair she had only a few freckles (Zoella the YouTuber) "I DIDNT CHEAT ON HER" Calum says through the door "DONT WANNA HEAR IT MR.CHEATER" I yelled then I cried into Mikey's shirt Mikey kissed my head (as a friendly thing not as a crush) "why would Calum cheat on her!-I'm not even sad about him not telling me I'm mad that I was such a fool and he's gonna go home and she's gonna jump in his arms and he's going to push her off and end it and break her heart! Like what Josh did to me!" I say (I used to date Josh Devine but he cheated did exactly what Happened I leaped into his arms and her pushed me off and said "ITS OVER" slamming the door) "let's forget about Josh we know he was a cock blocker and so is Calum so let's play some Mario Cart"Mikey said I nodded and grabbed a WII controller and I played Mario Cart all night when I got out I hopped in bed with Mikey's he wrapped hi arm around me and I fell asleep

Calum's P.O.V

I can't believe Luke brought up Lindsay she left me for some guy right after I was told we were going on tour then I met Kasey and I have never loved anyone as much as her now she thinks I'm a cheater and she's not going to talk to me again I woke up cause Casey was having a nightmare (A.N I'm spelling Kasey like Casey so she has the same initials as Calum) "MICHAEL WAKE HER UP SHE SCREAMING IN HER NIGHTMARE" I whisper/yelled Michael woke up ad shook her awake "Casey your having another night terror" he says shaking her she wakes up and I see a tear fall down her cheek as Mikey closes the curtain her phone was in my bunk still she got a text from Mali saying 'heard about Cal he didn't cheat Lindsay broke up with him the day he knew he was going on tour' 'hey Mali it's Cal Casey is avoiding me anything to help cause your a girl you know what girls like?' I text 'CALUM GET OF YOUR SORRY ASS AND TELL HER WHAT HAPPENED LIKE I JUST DID OR I WILL MEET YOU IN HELL TOMORROW' she texted "Cal pass my phone please" Casey said I tossed it to her and I heard her laugh 'hey it's Casey' she typed 'hey girl read my first text!" She texted so she scrolled up and I saw her eyes move then a tear fall from her eyes she turned off her phone and threw it behind Mikey she closed the curtain and rolled over I woke up worried about where Casey was but she was with Mikey I could hear her talk with Mikey and laugh and talk I got out of bed and put on my jeans,shirt and shoes and I walked outside and a group of fans came swarming me and hitting me lightly a few hitting on me the I saw Casey walk out "OI STOP HITTING HIM" she said "PUNCH THE DIRTY CHEATER" she called out then she left I ran after her "did you get Mali's text" I said catching up to her "yeah I believe it but how come Luke said you were still dating her..." She said "cause I loved her but not as much as I love you but I was in shock from what happened that day that I never told the boys" I said she rolls her eyes and hugs me puts her ray band sunglasses on an walks away "SO ARE WE BACK TOGETHER?" I yelled "SURE ONE MORE CHANCE HOOD" she said then Mikey comes out "hey man she's doing her 'sexy walk' " Mikey says coming up behind me "she is pretty damn sexy when she walks like that!" I said she turned around and ran inside and changed she wore a black kinda puffy skirt,a black tank top,jean sleeveless jacket buttoned up over top,black vans, her hair was a side braid but with a scarf in it he walked out with her sunglasses still on I stood there stunned then Mikey pushed me forwards and said "she's all yours" "DAMN" some fan called out from the crowd that's when I grabbed her hand and squeezed it so tight we took a few photos and signed some stuff then a hug came up and kissed her she pulled away within a second but the guy pushed her up against the bus while I was changing I walked out and saw her uncomfortable and some fan licking her face she was pushing him off but he kept going back to her "CAL!" She screamed I pulled him off her and picked her up off the ground her lipstick was all over her face I wiped off the stuff not on her lips with my hand she smiled then kissed me the crowd cheated "GET THE FUCK OFF MY GIRLFRIEND YOU FREAK" they guy said with a smirk I glared at him "JOSH?!" She screamed "yeah who's this idiot" he said "this is my boyfriend Calum Hood,he hasn't cheated on me nor broke up with me then tried to kiss me again a year later-HE LOVES ME NOT USED ME FOR FAME" She screamed at him then he walked off "hot" I said looking at her she shrugged then walked inside the bus with me behind her she sat down on the couch "WHY THE HELL DID YOU JUST FLIP AT JOSH HES MY IDOL" Ash says "JOSH-IM GONNA KILL THE ASSHOLE" Mikey said "who's this Josh guy?!" I asked "well he's my ex,we dated for a few months then he cheated on me I broke up with him he pretended to act sad then he abused me,I broke up with him again,then took him back and he didn't talk to me if he did it was a yell and he used me to become the cutest couple ever then I broke up with him now it's been a year since we broke up then I met you and I have never been happier!" Casey said in one breath then a few tears roll from down he cheeks and she gets up and goes to our bunk with her laptop and edited her you tube videos she does lots of Vlogs for each day of the tour "CAL I NEED TO SHOOT THE LAST PART OF MY VLOG FOR YESTERDAY COME HERE AND PRETEND ITS LAST NIGHT BUT MORE HAPPY" she yells I come in and lay beside her "hello guys we are going to end this vlog here we had a hell of a day now I am laying in bed with Cal say hi Cal" she says pointing the camera at me "hello everybody" I say resting my head on Casey's shoulder then she hits the stop recording button and she actually lays down on my chest and I play with her hair (it's the easiest way to put her to sleep) "now let's shoot our morning vlog Cal" she said she pressed record "hey guys were on our second week of tour and I'm freezing Cold this morning cause Cal didn't snuggle me... He sucks but I love him" Casey says I am laying down "say hi Cal!" She said "*GGGGRRROOOOOAAANNNN*" is all she gets from me "that means hi in Calum language!" She said smiling I wrap my arms around her and pull her down and hold her there "see yah when something exciting happens!" She said stopping her camera and laying Down she faces me "your beautiful" I say "thanks Cal" she said rolling over so we are spooning I'm the big spoon she's the little one I grab her camera "hey guys I just put Casey to sleep within 10 seconds,what do I say I have a thing and women just fall straight asleep when I touch them she is literally always sleepy if you lay her down and play with her hair the right way she will fall asleep but if you play with it the wrong way she will be pissed at you and she will break up with you but now one will do it cause she is never leaving me!" I say "Cal,snuggle meeeeeeeeeeeeeees I'm so cold" she said "ok,bye guys!" I say turning off her camera and wrapping my arm around Casey's waist and pulling her into me and I fall asleep

Mikey's P.O.V

I grab Casey's camera and start to record stuff cause she will be asleep the next few hours and she will have nothing to put in her video "hey guys it's me Mikey and I will be doing some of this vlog cause Casey is currently asleep with Cal,awe look at them snuggle" I say pointing the camera at them I walk around the town recording stuff and come back and see Casey still asleep with Calum "hey guys 5 hours later and Casey is still asleep with Calum" I say then Calum wakes up "what are you doing watching us sleep" Cal says "nothing,your just so cute together!" I say turning off the camera "SHUDAP" Casey yells and Cal laughs she rolls over "ITS SO FRICKEN COLD IN HERE!" She yells "she's grouchy today" I say "am not" she says fake pouting "are to!" I say "am not!" She says "are to!" I say "am not!" She says then Calum tickles her she squeals and slaps him "STOP CAL" she said he stops and wraps his arms around her again she grabs her phone she got a text from Josh saying 'sorry for everything baby girl please forgive me' "CAL TEXT HIM HES ANNOYING ME PLEASE" she said shoving her phone at him "ok" he says 'FUCK OFF SHES JUST FINE WITH ME' he texts 'is this that Calum guy!' He texts 'yeah' Cal texts 'are you a bit over protective you are texting on her phone' he texts 'no she told me to text you now STOP TEXTING HER haven't you hurt her enough?!' Cal texts 'sorry and I never hurt her I might have screwed up a few times but I never broke up with her she broke up with me just like what she will do to you and Luke will get mad at you and it will tear the band apart!" He texted "don't listen to him Cal he's trying to hurt Casey even more by making her brother and you not talk to her ever again!" I say "I know I just don't wanna lose her ever" Cal says turning off Casey's phone and wrapping his arm around her I close the curtain

Calum's P.O.V

I snuggled Casey all day but I was awake and thinking about how she says I was the best thing that ever happened to her I wonder if I am the best thing or if I am another problem? "Morning Cal" Casey says rolling over to face me "good evening Beautiful" I say "good evening?!I was only asleep for a few minutes!" She said "a whole 5 hours it's 5 at night" I say "oh well I will go make dinner!" She said getting out of bed I grab my phone and start to text Mali "I GOT HER BACK,she slept all day though?" I text "thanks to me she's all yours,and when she says when you wrap your arm around her or play with her hair she can sleep for century's" Mali texts me and it does make sense when I wrap my arm around her she does always fall asleep "CAL DINNERS READY!" Casey yelled and I jumped off the bunk and Luke and Mikey were racing saying "I HOPE ITS MAC AND CHEESE" I laughed and ran with them I sat down and Casey placed a baked Mac and Cheese on the table and Mikey was worshipping it she hand ed out a spoon and we all attacked the food then we all are and were stuffed "anyone got space for chocolate chip mint brownie and ice cream" Casey said "fuck you" Mikey said she laughed and cut the brownie and put a tub of ice cream on the table it was like Mikey had a hollow leg he just kept eating and eating then he screamed "IM SO FULL-BUT ITS SO GOOD SCREW YOU CASEY" when we were all done Casey went to sleep (how just how does she sleep that much!) while the Boy and I played FIFA then it was like 10:47 so I hopped in bed and laid on my back and Casey laid on me I played with her hair cause sometimes when your tired it looks like strands of pure gold I woke up and Casey wasn't beside me I heard crying from the bathroom and a light on I got out of my bunk and walked over I heard Casey crying

Casey's P.O.V

I was so scared from all the texts Josh has been texting me even if I deleted his contact then the hate was piling on me so I grabbed a razor blade in the bathroom one slice across my skin and the blood leaking out every time it leaked through my skin I felt guilt and relief then I heard someone say "Casey?" I cried even more from the guilt and pressure and stress "Casey are you ok?!" Someone asked again I kept crying blood was all over me and and my arm was scratched up "oh no she's doing it again-CAL OPEN THE DOOR NOW!" I think I heard Mikey yell in the back round "I CANT ITS LOCKED!" Cal yelled "Casey open this door now" Mikey said very sternly then

Black just black and muffled noises I could move but I couldn't see I tried opening my eyes but I couldn't then I couldn't move all I could do is scream "*SCREAM*" I just screamed I fell down I think and just laid there Couldn't move but I could see "CASEY OPEN THIS DOOR NOW" a muffled voice said I tried to move but I couldn't "I can't" I say so quiet but they can hear me "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT?" a muffled voice said "I can't move" I said quieter then the door bursted open and I just laid there


I woke up with Calum holding my hand and a door with fans screaming at but it was so loud for me to adjust to "SHUDAP" Calum yelled and they did my eyes fluttered open I sat up and tried to get out of bed "lay down!?" Cal said "why,I'm not sick Cal,where's my necklace!" I say my necklace is like my baby I had it ever since I was a kid the charm was a piece of a dog collar on a thin chain the collar piece was my dogs but he was my best friend and only friend "relax I got it" Cal said laying me down "ok,promise?" I say "promise" he said "why am I here?" I ask "you had a break down like a hissy fit by a three year old but you cut you wrists and you couldn't move,so I pried the door open" Mikey said walking in with a apple about to take a bite but I grabbed it "hey!" He said "I'm hungry!" I said taking a bite Mikey rolled his eyes and left "did I really break down?" I ask "kinda,you cut your wrists witch scared the crap out of me then you couldn't move witch also scared the living shit out of me!" Cal said I laughed "Why would you do that?" Cal asked being more serious "it seemed like the only way with threats,hate and stress-" I was cut off by Cal "I almost lost you,if I lost you I wouldn't know what I would do?!" Cal said "I'm so sorry I just wasn't thinking,my brain turned off at the moment" I said "if this happens again just talk to me,I won't be mad" Cal said I nodded

Maybe half an hour later

"You are free to leave,but please no driving for the next 2-3 days until you have fully recovered" a nurse said walking in she didn't tell me twice I jumped up grabbed my clothes changed and was outside in a flash "Cal can I have my necklace?!" I ask as he walks up to me "of course you may!" He said I turned around and pulled back my hair and Cal put it around my neck I ran outside and jumped on Mikey's back it was dark so he didn't see me "AHH-Casey!" He said

At bus

I hopped in Cal's and my bunk he came up behind me and wrapped his arm around me tighter than usual "you ok Cal?" I ask he nods and puts his head in the pillow "I love you Casey" he says "I love you too Cal!" I say

Next morning

I woke up with Cal beside me on my laptop playing more of my games "morning Beautiful" Cal said I smiled "Morning Cal" I say I grab my camera and press record "hey guys it's me Casey and Cal,I just woke up and I have no clue when Cal woke up and I think were the only ones at the bus!" I say Cal nods "the boys went out for breakfast with 1D" Cal said "1D OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM MORE THEN I LOVE YOU!" I said Cal looked at me "really" he said in a fake sad face knowing I love him more "yep!" I say popping the 'p' and stop recording "where did they go maybe we can catch up with them!" I say "some club I think to meet more girls" Cal says "oh." I say with my smile fading

Calum's P.O.V

I turned off my game and got out of bed I put on my black jeans and a nirvana shirt and Casey wore a yellow dress that went to her knees with a bun towards the side of her head with a few flowers in it she grabbed my hand and we went outside where thousands of fans were and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Casey was shocked "it's not my birthday" she whispered smiling with joy "what do you mean" I whisper back "when I started I put my fake birthday on the internet my real birthday is February 21st" she whispered now it makes sense why Luke said not to have a birthday party "haha that is pretty funny!" I say grabbing her hand we walk out sign a few pictures take a few photos then her phone buzzed from Josh I snatched it and deleted the text then gave it back to her people awed at how I snatched it from her then we went around town for a few hours when I got a text from Luke saying


C-out shopping with Casey why

L-we are going to a nickel back concert

C-rlly no way

L-yeah GET BACK HERE NOW,with my sister

C-Kk be there soon

"Hey Casey wanna go yo a nickel back concert with the boys!"I ask "YEAH" she said grabbing my hand and dragging me home when we got back Casey hopped in the car and the boys followed Casey looked so happy she put on her headphones and listened to music we arrived at the concert and everyone sang and danced then Some guy grinder on Casey she pulled away in shock "HEY IDIOT,STOP THAT!" She screamed I looked over and saw some drunk guy chasing her around some crowd I ran and caught her before she got in the quiet dark hallways then I walked her back to where we were "what was that all about hot stuff" some girl said beside me I ignored her until I saw her she was drunk and all over Luke Casey smacked my arm I looked at her "what!" I say "stop looking at her!" She said "I'm not she trying to 'do' Luke and she looks 15-16" I said "like me" she said "yeah..." I said blushing "thought so" she said smiling like she didn't care "how bout we take this to your car" the girl says I feel Casey stare into me "GOD NO,I GOT A GIRLFRIEND" I yelled "well it's a good time to get a new one" the girl said "get lost" I said turning around to Casey who is dancing to the music I smiled

After concert

I looked around for Casey but she was nowhere to be seen I saw her with a drunk Mikey trying to make her drink a beer I came up beside her "Cal can you make Mikey stop trying to get me drunk before I punch him" Casey said "sure,MIKEY YOUR DRUNK AND TRYING TO MAKE A 16 YEAR OLD DRUNK STOP IT BEFORE I PUNCH YOU" I say loud so he can hear me but not as a mad way "ok man back off" Mikey says I smile then I walk out to the car with Casey hand in hand when we get to the Bus we watch finding memo and Casey falls asleep on my chest and Luke asks me "you really love her huh?" "More then she will ever know" I say after the movie I pick Casey up and we go to bed I wrap my arm around her

Casey's POV

"You really love her huh?" Luke asked Cal thinking I was asleep "more then she will ever know" Cal said then they finished the movie he brought me to bed and wrapped his arm around me when I woke up its was 10:00 and the boys have a interview at 10:30 so I woke up cal I poked his arm and said "Cal!" He woke up "yeah?" He said "you have a interview in half an hour" I said then he got up put on his jeans then smacked all the boys on the head "WAKE UP WE GOTTA GET GOING!" He yelled I wore a coral pink dress with my hair side braided with a scarf in it I was first one ready so I got in the car then the boys came in

At interview place

They asked me to leave so I went shopping for a while then 3 boys came and took me to the bus they said they were part if the crew so we sat on the couches they were complimenting me and almost hitting on me then Cal came in he looked really confused and I was really uncomfortable "who are they" he whispered to the boys they all shrugged "their you crew,that's what they told me" I say sitting on Cal's lap "oh they must be the new 'crew'" Mikey said he loves everyone who helps them but I don't think he likes anyone who makes me uncomfortable Cal put in a movie then we watched it the boy who was beside us was named Ty he was laying on me and trying to pull me off of Cal I fell asleep and I felt a bump it knocked the air right out of me then I think Cal was playing with my hair but he played with it wrong "stop Cal your playing with my hair all wrong!" I whined I between breaths then I opened my eyes and Ty I sit up and walk to my bunk then Cal wraps his arm around me but wrong again I roll over and see Ty "TY GET OUT NOW!" I say pushing him out then Luke comes rushing in "what's wrong Casey" he says "nothing,just Ty was in bed and scared the living crap out of me" I said rolling over "ok want Cal?" Luke asked "I'm fine" I said rolling over. I woke up without Cal beside me so I got out of bed then nobody was in the bus "Cal?" I said I looked outside and only sleeping fans were there I changed into some white ripped jeans and a blue tank top I did a side braid then walked outside a whole bunch of fans screamed I took pictures and signed photos then I saw the boys walk out of a bar with girls I saw Cal following behind without any girls I ran over and jumped on his back "hey Casey!" He said putting me down and hugging me "hey Cal where are you guys going" I said "um...we need to do a sound check" he said like he's trying hide something "can I come?" I ask "umm-what's that Luke" he said running away with the boys I stood there shocked then I walked back to the bus then sat down on the couch then Ty sat down beside me he put his arm around me "what's wrong beautiful" he said "Cal doesn't want to be with me,he didn't come to bed last night,he didn't want to talk to me this morning,he tried to avoid me" I said with tears in my eyes "do you think he's umm well having an affair? I did see him with some other girls and stuff" Ty asked "maybe, he was definitely trying to ovoid something..." I say with a few tears falling down my cheeks "oh don't cry baby girl,he just doesn't realize what he has" Ty said wiping away my tears "*sobs and crys*" I cried into his chest then Cal came in laughing with the boys his eyes widened when he saw Ty with his arms around me I got up before it got any worse and left the bus but Mikey grabbed my arm and pulled me to the back room (key word:pulled) I tried to go the other way "why are you hugging him!?" Mikey asked "Ty and the other two guys said Cal was cheating me!" I said "do you realize what you just said" Mikey said "oh please you just defending him,when we get to Canada I'm going to school to become my dream and nothing can stop me!" I said then Mikey was shocked "your leaving?!" He asked sitting beside me "yeah mom told Luke that I will come on tour until we get to London then I will go to school there,didn't he tell you" I say "no Luke doesn't even know!" Mikey said "well won't it be a nice surprise when I leave in four days" I said with a smirk Mikey turned on Mario cart and handed me a controller I won three games an lost three we played all night then when it was time to go to bed I went in with Luke like what happened when I thought Cal was cheating on another girl but I was with Luke this time not Mikey. When I woke up I grabbed some high wasted jeans and a purple shirt I put them on and left my hair in a side fishtail braid I ran outside with my phone and wallet then I ovoids the fans I ran to the near by soccer field and saw little kids practising "HEY GIYS LOOK ITS CASEY HEMMINGS THE SUPER STAR SOCCER PLAYER AND CALUM HOODS GIRLFRIEND!" A boy shouted the couch invited me down I walked down "oh my gosh this is the biggest honour for us we watch your soccer videos every practise to get better!" The couch said "why thank you very much do you guys wanna do a game?" I said "really!" A girl said "yeah of course!,your coach will divide you guys in two groups and I will join one and your couch will join one and then we will switch!" I said so they divided up into two groups I joined one group for the first game I went really easy cause they were only 10-8 years old I let them get the ball more and then I helped them score goals and so did their coach then I went to the other team and did the same so each team got a win and a loose when we finished they all game me a hug and thank you's then I signed some soccer balls and jerseys then I walked back to the bus and I grabbed some water "hey where were you?" Mikey said "playing soccer with some 10-8 year olds who idol me" I said "oh Cal is playing soccer too out back" Mikey said "nice try even if he didn't cheat I still need space" I said "come on Ty has a 'thing' for you,he will so anything to keep you two apart!" Mikey said "fine I'll go apologies and hear his side of the story!" I said walking out back to the field "Hey Cal!" I say "Uh h-h-hey Casey-Coming Mikey!" He said avoiding something "Wait Cal" I said grabbing his arm he looked at me weird "yes Beautiful..." He said "Cal it's my birthday why are you avoiding me on my last 3 days of being here!" I said "LAST 3 DAYS!" Cal yelled surprised "so now you care!" I say "I always cared about you!" He said "sure Ty said that you cheating on me and that I'm better off without you, witch is what I don't want to do but seems like the only way!" I said walking away "I would never cheat on you Casey!" Cal said pulling me back and hugging me I pulled out "then why are you avoiding me!" I said "cause,I was trying to get you a gift and I didn't want you to see it and now your leaving in 3 days and your just telling me this now!" Cal said almost yelling a few fans heard and awed I just rolled my eyes "I wish I never met any of Luke's friends..." I mumbled "what was that" Cal said "nothing" I said crossing my arms "ok do you wanna see your gift?" He said "sure." I said he handed me a small box I opened bit up and it was my necklace that I lost and it had a metal guitar pick that had 'wherever you are' carved in it I smiled and put it on "thanks Cal it's beautiful" I said with my mood totally changing "just like you" he said hugging me I hugged back "why are you leaving?" Cal asked "my mom made me go to college in Canada cause she doesn't want me to be like Luke she wants me to be a successful business woman,she made me do extra classes all my life in school so I Finnish school at 16,I wasn't meant to get attached to anyone,I was only meant to see Luke and Mikey for a while then head back to school" I said and all of it was true "oh." Cal said we walked back into the bus I made some spaghetti and meat balls and for dessert I made some carrot cake cup cakes I use my friend's kitchen for this (she lives here but out of town at the moment) then I drove back and we sat at the picnic bench outside and we ate "who wants cupcakes!" I say getting up "ME" I heard Mikey,Luke,Cal and Ash say at the same time I brought down cupcakes I didn't have any cause I was tired the boys continued to eat then they practised their songs for their show tonight at 9:30-11:00 so I walked to the field and saw another class with the same coach "hey Doll I was just telling the team about how we played with you today!" The coach said as I walked over to him "oh I don't mean to bother but do you wanna play a game?" I ask "we were just about to! How about you join red team and I will join blue then we will switch like last time!" Coach said "I would love to,but first who wants to take a selfie!" I say opening up my phone to camera "ME" I heard the team yell "ok" I said I held it up above me with the team behind me and I took a few pictures "does anyone have any questions?" The coach asked "is t true you and Cal are breaking up soon?" A girl asked "of course not we would never!" I say "how come you do a lot of walking by yourself?" She asked again "well I am very weird that way,I like space I can not be hanging out with someone without taking a break for more than 3 hours if any more they will get on my nerves so I take a break every few hours to stop Cal and I from breaking up and I like to find teams like you guys and play soccer!" I said "what is your favourite soccer team?" Someone asked "any team that seems like they have good sportsmen ship" I answered then Cal came I've but I didn't notice "EEEEEEEEH OH MY GOSH ITS CALUM FRICKING HOOD" a girl screamed I laughed "so much for the surprise Cal" I say "yeah" he says blushing "we were just about to play a game,would you like to play this team vs you and I?" I asked "YEAH" the team shouted Cal and I played we pretended to loose and miss shots when it ended Cal grabbed a tub of Gatorade over me "CAL!" I yelled freezing cold "HAHAHAHA" everyone laughed "THIS IS A NEW SHIRT AND MY HAIR WILL BE STUCK TOGETHER FOR MONTHS NOW AND WHEN I LEAVE YOU I WILL STINK LIKE MIXED BERRY!" I yelled furiously "leave him?!" Somebody said "can you guys keep a secret?" I asked they all nodded "well ever since I first started school I did extra classes so I could graduate at 16 so I did graduate now I have to go to college in Canada so when I said leave you I mean leave for college" I said Cal gave me his leather jacket cause I was freezing then we walked back to the bus hand in hand I took a shower then I put on a light pastel pink dress and then we walked out to the car and grabbed a spare guitar I played a little bit of Greenday then the boys ran in I put away Mikey's guitar and put on my headphones "what was all that yelling about down at the field?" Luke asked "Cal andI were playing soccer with little kids and we lost so Cal spilt a ton of Gatorade on top of me so I yelled at him" I said so fast nobody could hear I laid my head on Cal's shoulder

At stadium

We are all laying down in the dressing room and I am laying down on Cal's lap while he plays with my hair I fall asleep when I wake up nobody is there but a group of English boys are surrounding me "EVER HEARD OF PERSONAL SPACE?" I say "oh thank god she's ok" one says "why would I not be" I say "doesn't matter,are you a fan if you are we will sign stuff and then you can get out!" One said "I'm like 5SOS's biggest fan and Cal's girlfriend!" I say "haha nice try now get out" one said "I will not leave I have to stay for Cal!" I said then a security guard came and tossed me outside I got up and leaned against a wall I saw a few fans I signed some stuff but I was soooo bored then Cal came out looking angry "Cal?" I said "Casey why are you out here?!" He said "some English Boys put me out here cause I was not allowed in the dressing room" I said "what about you?" I ask "just angry at Harry and Niall for putting you out here so we walked in "OI she can't come in she is a fan unless she has a pass witch she doesn't" Some blonde Irish said we were all in the dressing room with those freaks and there was one guy I think his name was Liam but he was just staring at my boobs Calum was not liking that too much "eyes up here elf ears!" I said (A.N this is no hate at all to 1D I absolutely love then so I just incorporated them) "what a sorry there just so bi-" he was cut off by I think his name is Zayin covering his mouth I lowlife one eyebrow "I'm bored" Niall said "I GOT AN IDEA,WHOEVER CAN STARE AT THIS HOT CHICKS FACE THE LONGEST WITHOUT GOING 'DOWN' WINS" Harry said I laughed "let's not" Luke said as Cal was about to open his mouth I shrugged then put on my headphones I had my eyes wide open and in a trance with my mouth open and Cal was I think trying to have a serious talk but I couldn't hear him over all time low Jasey Rae I took off my head phones stopping my trance "do you understand?" Cal said "I totally understand but can you tell me again I wasn't listening" I said (nice Lego Movie reference) Cal rolled his eyes and sat down I sat on his lap then we watched Luke try on different hats and dance with them on I fell asleep when I woke up Cal was not beside me it was a English guy then I pushed him out of bed then I checked my calendar only two more days till Canada. I flopped right on Cal making him wake up "where are we?" He asked "Vancouver" I say "oh." He said I got to school in Vancouver cause we only spend three days in each town "do you have to leave,you say you want to travel the country and be with us" he whines "I do but mom made me go...she ruins my life" I said mumbling the last part "SILENCE" Mikey yelled I got up and put on a pear of ripped skinny jeans and a blue low cut shirt tucked into my jeans then left my hair in the sloppy fishtail braid then put on my floral vans I walked outside to see fans with Cal it's the small things that make them go crazy like when he calls me Beautiful or when we intertwine our fingers so we intertwined our fingers and they screamed so loud then Mikey opened the windows "WILL YA SHUT UP OUT THERE WE'RE TRING TO SLEEP!" He yelled making everyone laugh I ran out and stopped at a Lush store where we saw a few soaps shaped like the 5SOS logo and the band I bought a Luke soap for Luke and a Mikey soap for Mikey and Ash soap for Ash and a Cal soap for Cal and a snow fairy bubble bar for me (with my own money) then I stopped at a dress store to look at some cute fall sweaters since it's coming to fall time and I saw a maroon coloured dress it was like the colour of maple syrup but the dress was a sweater dress that would look super cute with some black leggings,black beanie,black ankle boots I bought it then bought some maple syrup on a stick (it's when they take clean snow and poor hot maple syrup over it and then it goes just to the cusp of freezing then you 'roll' it on a Popsicle stick)I walked home and started to pack my bags and stuff I left my necklace on (like always) and walked out the door (not leaving only transferring my stuff) Cal saw me I tried not to make eye contact with him but he walked over "where are you goin" he asked I sighed "well...I gotta go set up my stuff at the college..." I say looking at my feet "why!" He asked surprised "I will come back but today is opening day so I need to 'inroll' today" I said "oh." He said looking sad "don't you dare cry." I said "cause so will cry to Cal!" I said hugging him then I pulled away "don't make this a big deal I will be back in an hour and a bit" I said he nodded then I walked to Alissa's car (my friends car that I am borrowing) then drove to the college it was swarmed by people who were much taller than me like two of me I was looked at weird and everyone was whispering about me I walked up to some girls with 1D shirts on "OH MY GOD YOUR CASEY HOOD" one screamed "no she Casey Hemmings and was proposed to by Calum Hood so soon to be Casey hood" another said I laughed a little then some girl who looked a lot like one of the girls from mean girls "who's this baby" she said "Hi I'm Casey He-" I was cut of by her "are you that waste of skin that Calum 'loves'" he said "yeah..." I said looking down "that's Lily,stay away from her unless you want trouble,I heard she slept with every guy in school" a girl whispered to me pulling me out of sight then up to their room "so I'm Sydney,and this is Charlie or Charlotte,and this is Mia" she said pointing to two other smiley girls waving at me I smiled and waved back "omg hope you don't mind but we hope we are your BFFS" she said "me too!" I said with a giggle "so how's Cal-how is he about you leaving-we promise we won't tell anyone or anything-does Luke have a girl-does Mikey have a girl-I hope Ash doesn't have a girl cause I love him so much!" Mia said "uh promise you won't tell?" I said they nodded and stuck out their pinky fingers "pinky promise" Charlie said "ok...well Cal is super sad about me leaving cause he thinks he needs to be the strong one,Luke has liked a girl named Summer since grade three she was like one of my best friends other than Mikey so Luke wants her but she's into the good boys not the band boys,Mikey I think has no girl nor a crush but he has been obsessing over Betty White,Ash has no girl...yet" I said winking at Mia she smiled "OMFG REALLY" Sydney screamed "yeah,promise you won't tell cause if you do I will not be trusted by any of the boys" I said "we pinky promised,we will never tell anyone!" Mia said a "you can take the top the bottom bunk of Charlie's bunk bed" Sydney said inviting me to stay with them "sweet but I will not be here till Monday I am spending the last two days with Cal but I will be here Sunday night!" I said "OF COURSE WE WILL SVE THIS BUNK FOR YOU!" Sydney said "ok!" I said walking out the door I drove home and saw the boys watching a movie I walked in "Hey guuurl" Mikey yelled drunk "hey" I said "how was the opening day!" Ash said "well I met three girls huge fans of you and 1D so they are my room mates and there is some real annoying pretty girl who hates me and I think loves Cal anyways I in rolled in my classes,I am taking a whole bunch of music things and business stuff..." I said mumbling 'the business stuff' part "is that girl like someone you would see in mean girls" Luke asked I nodded sitting down on Cal's lap he played with my hair and as usual I was asleep within a few minutes. Cal stood there with some other girl in his arms he smirked at me then kissed her "you are nothing to us" "your dead weight" "Cal only 'loves' you cause Luke hated it" "do us all a favour and kill yourself" voices say in my head "*screams so loud they could make your ears bleed*" I screamed I couldn't move only hear the voices and Cal with some other girl "Casey wake up!" Cal said shaking my shoulder "what" I said "you were having a nightmare" Cal said I nodded and closed my eye but opened them every time I closed my eyes I saw Cal and that girl but he played with my hair and I fell asleep. When I woke up Cal was beside me still asleep I checked the time it was nine-o-clock I grabbed my phone and started to text those girls (M=Mia S=Sydney C=Casey C2=Charlie)

M-how's Cal?


S-poor thing,he's having his one and only taken away from him

M-yeah how's Ash;-)

C-good him and Mikey were drunk last night

C2-hey guys! How is summer this girl Luke has a thing for


S-Lily is really mad that you are coming to this school she said if you talk about Cal she will get some football players to beat you up

C-well that's good to hear...

M-yeah,is that sarcasm I'm not good at reading emotions...


C-gotta go Cal is waking up!

S-K tell Luke I say Hi

C2-yeah right,C ya Sunday!


C-ha ha very funny

Then Cal woke up "who are you textin" he said stretching "those girls from College" I say "oh.,only one more day" he said "more like today and tomorrow morning and afternoon" I say "even better!" He said I laughed then he pulled me into his chest more I fell asleep again. When I woke up I was at the stadium I sat up and checked the time on my phone it was only 12:37 so I snuck out and saw it was a sound check so I walked out and started to jump on the chairs

Calum's POV

Casey started to jump on all the chairs to the beat of the music we were playing when we finished I sat down on the edge of the stage with Mikey (C=me M=Mikey)

C-she has really good balance


C-you ok man?

M-yeah just realizing how much I love her


M-as a friend,but I used to have a massive crush on her then I got over it when she got a boyfriend

C-was that me


C-oh right...

M-but she used to hate you in her elementary years,cause you always bumped her and made her drop stuff,then she started to like you after she saw you at band practise a few times

C-I bumped her so I could see her face and talk to her


C-but you had a crush on her

M-yeah we actually dated for a few weeks not real like you two but just so people would stop saying it but we were just best friends and then Summer came around and Luke always tried to look his best for her and she would never like him but she would sit with us at lunch but when I left for junior high Summer was her only friend so they laughed and smiled and talked about girl stuff with each other then they moved up to junior high and everything was normal until she noticed you a lot more cause you were bumping her and Luke was doing the same to Summer,you bumped them hard like both Casey and Summer would bash against the wall or fall over and then be laughed at then she started to like you a little more each day and when she got your number she fainted in her bed

C-oh,we didn't mean to push them that hard so they would be laughed at,just a gentle nudge so we could see their faces,but did she really faint when she got my number,I was terrified of what to say then she started to text me and so did I


C-*blushes* oops...

Casey-*giggles* well now you know

C-yeah I guess

She ran over to us and said "I never knew you liked me Mikey,and I never kew that you pushed me to see my face" "yeah kinda" I said scratching the back of neck

At bus

"We have a show tonight obviously" Ash said "mm hmm" I said sitting on Cal's lap with a lolly pop "I gotta go to college and grab my books and stuff today..." Casey said "I'll take you!" I said "thanks" she said laying her head on my shoulder so we hopped in the car and when we got to my room the girls were sleeping "that is Mia,Charlie,Sydney they all love you" She whispered to him he nodded then they woke up "hey Casey who's thi-CALUM HOOD" Sydney said "yeah it's him,we're going to grab my books then back up here and then go back to the bus but don't tell everybody he's here" Casey said she nodded then Casey and I walked downstairs and grabbed all of my books then we brought them up to the room and we saw Lily coming out of her room looking angry "CALUM HOOD YOU DIRTY LITTLE CHEATER!HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME WITH SOME GIRL!" She said I saw her before...she's my ex! Casey looked at me weird "Lily I never cheated on you in high school I broke up with you and moved on with somebody smarter,prettier,kinder and better then you" I said annoyed,Casey nodded as she heard the 'story' then she slowly backed into her room trying not to be noticed by Lily

Casey's POV

I got into my room and saw the girls looking at me wide eyed "what" I said "Calum Hood is your F'in boyfriend and he's arguing with his ex cause he loves you so much" Mia said "I know isn't he hot when he gets angry!" I said "he's so much hotter in real life" Sydney said "yeah,did you tell Mikey about me!" Charlie said "yes..." I said "GREAT" Charlie said then Cal walked in I grabbed the books and put them on my shelfs he sat down on my bunk with me the girls just stared at us "are they ok?" Cal whispered in my ear "yeah just shock,you are like their favourite person in the whole world" I whisper back then they all turn normal "hi I'm Charlie" Charlie said with a wave "I'm Sydney" Sydney said with a wave "I'm Mia" Mia said with a wave "as you probably know I'm Calum" he said laying back on my pillow pulling me down with him we all talked for a hour maybe then Cal and I left and went to the car "their a crazy bunch if girls but they are really nice to me and sum what normal around me" I said "their really funny" Cal said "yeah" I said "how long are you there for?" Cal asked "I dunno really, 4 like everyone else does then 4-5 years for business" I said "oh" he said we arrive at the bus and walk in "how was your trip" Mikey asked me bringing me in the back room "I dunno really,a standard trip to college,I realized how long I am at college though..." I said "yeah." He said then I grabbed a xbox controller and tossed one at Mikey we played every game in the world then I came out and sat on Cal's lap we watched movies literally all nigh I fell asleep within a few minutes and the boys stayed up I woke up around 9 then Cal woke up "morning Cal" I said "morning beautiful" he said "I have a pounding head ache,Casey do you have anything?" Mikey said I nodded and threw him a Tylenol then to everyone else I hopped out of bed and threw on a pink low cut shirt and high wasted jeans vans and a sloppy fishtail braid(my fav outfit:any low cut T,high wasted jeans with shirt tucked in,vans,Katniss Everdeen braided hair) I ran out side and a whole bunch of fans saw me "Hi Casey I'm Louise I work for auger scope and I would love to have you in a interview and do a few games with us!" Some girl with a camera and microphone "uh...when?" I asked "Now" she said "eh why not" I said so we walked into a building and I sat down in a chair with those guys beside me "so Casey is it true that you have been having an affair with the Vamps boys?" Louise said "No!never" I say "please we have all seen the pictures from the paparazzi" She said "Nuh Uh I would never cheat on Cal!" I say pissed "come on we all know you have a thing for us" one of those boys said coming closer to me "if you come any closer I will rip out you throat and vocal cords." I said he backed off with his hands in the air my phone buzzed it was cal with a text saying(C=Cal M=Me)



C-please you just said it on sugar scope

M-no I would never cheat I just about suffocated one of those boys

C-haha just playing with you I saw it all it's live!

M-not a nice joke.

C-I know but a funny one

I left the interview after it was over and it was 11 so I went back to the bus and those English boys were with me so I then went in the bus and saw Cal watching the little mermaid with the boys "Phew you say your a man!" One of the English boys say I sit beside Cal scaring him "no I told them to put it on for when I get home." I say winking at Cal to play along

A few hours pass and I go to sleep

Cal wraps his arms around me "Casey?" He asks "yeah?" I say "I don't want you to leave." He says laying his head on my back "I don't wanna leave either but the only person who can in I roll me is my mum." I say "but she doesn't know about you and me?" He says "your right maybe if she sees us together she will,but she's on the other side of the world." I say "no she's coming here tomorrow!" Cal says I smile widely "OMG really,you better not be lying" I say "nope!" He says "YAY mum coming Lukey!" I call out to Luke "NO F'IN WAY REALLY!" Luke says "yeah man didn't you hear all of our mums are and some close friends!" Mikey says "wait will I see any if my ok friends?!" I say "hmm witch ones?" Mikey says "you know Eve,Jennifer,Selena,Taylor" I say (A.N since Luke is famous,so is Casey so she is friends with Selena Gomez,Taylor Swift,Jennifer Lawrence and some girl named Eve) "oh probably not." Ash says "but Selena is hot tomalies" Luke says "haha true" Mikey says. I fall asleep. I wake up to everyone laughing and talking outside my window with only my mom so I guess the others aren't here yet I take a peek "EVE!" I whisper/yell to get her attention but it didn't work so I I get out of bed and I put on a coral sundress and I put my hair in the side braid like usual and walk outside "CASEY F'IN HOOD!" Eve screams running to hug me "Un its Casey Hemmings." My mum says and I can tell she does not like being here. All she ever cares about is Ben,Jack,Luke I was just the person who got hand me downs,the most chores,the most yelling,but dad was always really nice to me!

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