Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


6. the Mother...

"Mom can I stay here for the rest of the tour?" I ask out of the blue "uh...well,you have school" my mum replies "but I don't wanna be a bios was woman,I wanna tour the world and see many things,I was asked to go to a soccer school." I say "ok but then you have to finish the last year of high school on tour." Mum says "OF COURSE I WILL DO THAT!" I freak and jump up and down with Eve then after a few minutes I calm down and sit on Cal's lap and my mom looks at me weird "what?" I ask a little bit sassy cause I never 'loved' my mum "I just thought you would take your own seat not sit on Calum, you are probably breaking his legs." My mum says.right she doesn't know about Cal and I "mum Cal and I are dating haven't you heard we are like the cutest couple in the whole content?." I say a little bit hurt that she called me 'fat' Cal wraps his arms around me and pulls me into a hug "first Luke now mum." I whisper to Cal " my little Rockstar ok with it?" She says cause Luke is the 'best child my mum could ever ask for' it's like he's a princess riding around on a unicorn mum bought him for getting a c- on his report card. "Yeah mum don't call me that.,but I'm fine with it!" Luke says winking at me. Cause when mum would really play favourites Luke was always there. For me and helped me with the chores he always made his bed,cleaned his room,washed the dishes just so I didn't have to(best brother to have when you have a terrible mother) "Luke!" She gasps in disbelief "what?" He says "I never thought it would be you,I knew it would be your sister cause she's a disgrace to man kind but you disrespecting your own mother!" She says being overly dramatic "mum your getting a little bit dramatic..." I say under my breath "shh Casey your brother was about to speak." My mum says witch makes me roll my eyes and bubble in anger "mum I'm not disrespecting you I'm just saying I'm fine with Casey dating Cal." Luke says cause as much as Luke hated me getting all the dirty work he loved being mums favourite child,he got sweets but he would share them with me cause we are closer to the same age and love the same things and my other brothers would also get sweets,Luke would get to chose what we ate but he would always ask me,he would be able to go anywhere at any time,he got to choose his curfew. I can't stand my mums flare for the drama so I get up and go to the bus to get a drink of water then I go to the game room and play some GTA 5 while everyone else is still out there then Cal walks in "hey Beautiful why are you in here?" Cal asks "because I don't wanna cause a scene in front of everyone,I'm sorry for my mums behaviour she never really 'enjoyed' my company she ether thought I was a slut or I was a criminal,she actually put me in rehab for 'drug usage' but they said I didn't have any problems." I ramble on about my problems "no worries" he says handing me a beer "no thanks Cal not old enough." I say handing it back "oops shit sorry" he says handing me a orange juice,I take a sip of it "that's the stuff" I say. Cal sits beside me and I hand him the controller cause I suck at GTA5 and it's actually more fun watching Cal play but instead he's sitting behind me and wrapping his arms around me and has his hands on mine on the controller teaching me how to play. Then Mikey and Ash storm in "Casey your mum is a piece of work,no offence?" Mikey says "none taken I know she's a piece of work" I say happy the think that of her then Luke comes in "Casey mum wants you." He says I swallow the lump in my thought and stand up following Luke. "Yes mum?" I say "why do you love Cal?" She says "why do you favourite Luke" I retort "excuse me I do not favourite I treat Jack,Ben and Luke the same way!" She says "funny how I'm not treated this way too?" I say making my mum blush in embarrassment "it's because I know that Luke needs extra help and motivation but you don't?" She lies "BullShit! He's just fine!" I say a bit pissed at her actions "Do Not Use Those Words Casey Hemmings." My mum says stomping her foot I walk out and go back to Cal with a huff. "You ok Casey" Ash asks "meh I've had better days." I say "I know,does someone need to go to their tree?" Mikey says and I nod and Cal wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head "Casey mum left to her hotel room!" Luke calls meaning I can come out and not be judged "K" I say almost asleep.and I'm asleep. When I wake up I'm still in Cal's arms but he's asleep as well. I then roll over and snuggle into Cal even more. He wake a up and yawns,he thinks that I'm asleep so her gently picks me up and carries me to the bunk with him and he wraps his arms around my waist and falls asleep. I wake up and check the time it's 3:07 my mom calls me (M-mom C-Casey or me!)

M-hey sweetie can you take me shopping today?

C-typical,you yell at someone then you think they will automatically forgive you and drop everything there doing to help you?!

M-well is that a yes or a no?

C-get your little Rockstar to do it for you?

M-cause he needs his beauty sleep cause he has a show tonight!

C-then it's a no.

M-Casey (A.N I forget Casey's middle name so it's just going to be Rose) Rose Hemmings you will pick me up right now and take me to the grocery store and then drive me back home. I am making Luke his favourite spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!

C-fine be there in 15 ministers Mrs.Bossy

*end of call*

I try to get out of bed without waking up Cal but he has his arm around me and e wakes up "where are you going?" He asks in his low morning voice making me wanna just lie there for ever "the queen demands,I have to take my mum to the grocery shopping and I will probably buy some stuff to." I say jumping off the bunk and slipping on some peach skinny jeans,white loose silk top (A.N it's like a silk poncho but it it attached on the very bottom of the arm holes so it is kind of like a muscle tee,and it only goes down to the hips,so it's also sleeveless) and it is over top of a white tank top,I tie a light pink and white flannel shirt around my waist and put my hair in a side braid,no makeup,light pink high tops,and hot pink Ray-bands,a creme leather jacket that has the top 'collar' flipped outward sand it only goes 3/4 quarters down to my my hips, and I slip out the door. I take the spare car (for me) and put my keys in the ignition and drive to my mums hotel. I see my mum waiting for me outside the doors I drive up and she sees what I'm wearing "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!" She yells "relax do you want me to take you shopping?" I say "yes but not in that!" She says getting on the passengers seat "well to bad!" I say "are you old enough to drive yet?" She says "in most places I am, you missed all of my birthdays from when I was a baby to now, I'm 17 and Luke is turning 18 within a month." I say and my mums eyes go wide "I'm going to miss his birthday!" She says "yeah,and you missed mine it was like an month ago or something." I say "I did not miss any of your birthdays!" She says "yeah you did,for all of my birthdays you would wake me up early say happy birthday then give a list of chores to do!" I say "I'm so sorry..." My mum says "it will pass." I say "what on earth does that mean?!" She says "it means, the feeling that you have right now is guilt but Knowing you the guilt will pass and you won't care that you missed every mile stone in my life." I say know the last part may make her rot on the inside with guilt "certainty not every mile stone." She says "nope every one." I say

M-you first steps

C-Dad says you were to busy changing Luke's diaper to see me

M-your first word was mommy

C-nope that was Luke's first word mine was soccer

M-your first prom

C-I went with Eve,and some boy I don't remember his name

M-your first time of the month

C-nope had to do it all by myself and still do

M-you first day of school

C-every year I had to get myself up and walk to school alone

M-first kiss

C-It was around 3 or 4 years ago when I kissed a boy in the back seat of his car when his dad hit the breaks and it made me jerk forwards and our lips locked

M-how do you remember that?

C-cause I just do

M-what about your first time?

C-it was with Cal around the beginning of the tour

M-first club you ever tried out for and got into

C-that was my junior year in junior high I tried out for the soccer team

M-how come I wasn't there or know any of this

C-cause you never bothered to talk or to comfort me

M-how bout you first breakup

C-hmm I have dated a few guys,I think his name was Kyle we lasted for about 4 or 5 weeks,then it was Jayden him and I were about 1 or 2 months,then Josh who was like 2 or 3 years,now Cal

M-how come you never told me you dated so many guys and broke your heart so many times

C-cause once again you were to busy with Luke

Then we pulled into the parking lot of Walmart and we walked in and got our carts then I got a text from Cal

C-hey um we may or May have not um broken a window?


End of discussion

After shopping with mum and back at the bus

"Hey Beautiful how was your mum?" Cal asked "well, she was being overly dramatic cause she realized she missed every mile stone in my life." I say with a sigh "ok then." Ash says making me slightly laugh "Lukeeeee!" I say jumping on him in his bunk "Ew gross it smells like sweat and balls in here!" I say getting out of the bunk making everyone laugh and Luke blush "NO you don't so 'that' do you?!-IM SO TWEETING THIS!" I say making Luke wrestle with me for my phone "!" I say grabbing it out of his grip then I tweet stuff but not what I was going to tweet cause that would just be plain cruel but then again I'm not a 'very' nice person after all? Nah I won't do it "what do you think of the name sweet cheeks?" Cal says to me "nah it sounds like your a rapist." I say making him laugh and snake his strong arms around my waist and tickling me "STOP...IT...CAL!" I say in between laughs "WHOS HUNGRY!?" Mikey says obviously bored "ME!" Everyone says "GREAT,Casey go cook something yummy?" He says the last part like the inner kitten he is "fine,wait are you saying my food is not 'yummy'" I say grabbing the ingredients for pancakes,eggs,bacon.and making everyone laugh. After I make everything I put it on the table and the boys devour it then mum shows up and I admit there is 'less' (key word:less) tension between us now but there is still quite a bit I sit next to Cal holding his hand under the table and rubbing circles on my knuckles with his thumb I finish eating and I clear the plates but my mum looked at me weird "do you want to go for a run and burn off all that food you ate?" My mum says I roll my eyes "sure but not with you." I say going to grab my clothes. I wear a neon green tank top but it's one if those Nylon ones,running shorts,Pink Nike free runs,my hair is in a donut on the top of my head,I have some ear buds (when I go running or exercise I look crazy with so many colours and patterns) "don't you want something a bit more settle to wear running with me?" She says "two things 1,I'm not going running with you I'm going with my friends Sydney,Mia,and Charlotte and 2,no I love bright colours!." I say meeting my friends at the stop sign (they are also wearing crazy clothing) "Hey Gurl haven't seen you in a while how come?" Charlie says "I dunno who's this?" I say looking at a cute guy beside them (A.N ok guys this boy is gay but I don't mean any offence or I am not using stereotypes cause it doesn't make him any less of a man or any less if a person cause my uncle is gay!) "oh,this is Liam!" Mia says (no not the Liam from 1D) "sweet I'm Casey Hemmings nice to meet you!" I say shaking his hand "OMG YOUR CASEY HOOD CALUMS GIRLFRIEND!" He says "yeah I am!" I say with a little giggle "but don't treat me like I'm famous I just like to be treated like I'm a regular 17 year old girl!" "Ok girlfriend!" He says "where to first!" Sydney says "how bout some FroYo!" Mia says "so much for exercise?" I say "no we will run there" Liam says so we start running and talking and laughing when we run into Lily

"Oh hey how's Calum tell him he was really good in bed last night." Lily says making Liam go red in anger "you listen to me you little spoiled biotch,Calum would never cheat on Casey and if he did I can assure you it would never be you!" He says through his teeth "whoa calm down it was a joke Li" she says "don't call me Li only my friends call me that." He says "well were friends aren't we" she says "in your dreams Lily." He scoffs and we walked back to the bus I was on Liam's back and we were laughing and talking "ok so today Tristan woke up and was like I'm gonna shave." Liam says (Tristan is his boyfriend) "so?" I say still laughing "he is hairless like Calum!" He says making us all laugh even though it's not that funny then Cal walks out "EEEEK OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG ITS CALUM F'IN HOOD!" Liam says making Cal laugh "lemme guess these are the friends you went 'running' with today?" He says "yep!" I say popping the 'p' "hey nice meeting you all but we gotta like a hour or so" Luke says "you haven't even met them yet!" I say sitting everyone down in the 'living' room "ok so this is Sydney,Mia,Charlie or Charlotte and this here is the lovely Liam!" I say pointing to my friends "hi were 5SOS!" Luke says "OMG Tristan would be so jelly right now!" Liam says "who's Tristan?" Mikey asks "oh it's my boyfriend!" Liam says "that's where I know you from I went to high school with. Boy named Tristan and he dated a Liam!" Mikey says "no shi-really Sherlock" Ash says trying not to swear and making us laugh.

When we have to leave for Calgary...

"Bye guys hope to see you soon!" I say to my friends as they walk to the campus waving to me as the car starts to move but I'm stepped off the stairs and see it move "FOR FU-THE LOVE OF PANCAKES STOP THE CAR!" I say but they don't hear me then I run after the car but they think it's a fan.

Calum's POV

"Hey Casey I like your friends they seem nice" I say on my phone but nobody answers "hey guys have you seen Casey I'm hungry again?" Mikey says "no she's probably in the washroom" Ash says "no she's not I just got out of there and the doors open" Luke says "Casey Where Are You Were Hungry Again!" Mikey calls "CASEY?" Luke says beginning to freak out "Casey THIS ISNT FUNNY GET YOUR SNEAKY LITTLE ASS OUT HERE!" Mikey says "watch your mouth!" Ash says "shit-oh fuck sorry,I'm not very good at that!" Mikey says then I look out the window and see a fan running after the bus and stops and I hear a muffled call "CALUM...STOP...FOR THE LOVE OF PANCAKES.." She sounded a lot like Casey then she looked a lot like Casey "stop the car Casey is running after it again." Mikey sighs opening up the door to a panting Casey "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK GUYS I PROBABLY JUST RAN TWO K" she says grabbing some water "mouth!" Ash says "shit-oh fuck sorry!" She says just like Mikey making Ash roll his eyes "even if your not related by blood you guys are related" I say making Casey blush "how come you weren't on the bus?" Luke says "cause I was saying by to my friends I won't see in a year or two!" She says in a-matter-o-fact voice making Luke nod his head.

A.N hey guys sorry for not updating but lots more chapters to come because I got the flu! Yay me! And I hope nobody took offence to this chapter because of Liam but I just love his character so much! And I do not hate on gays I love them sooooooo much! Ok THANKS LIKE FAV AND ALL THAT SHI-STUFF

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