Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


4. the fight

We got to the Hotel and I shared a room with Cal I sat down on the couch "what was it that we couldn't talk about at the airport" I said "the way you looked the guys obviously hitting on you" he said "hitting on me really" I say annoyed "yeah." He said "what about the flight attendant huh" I said "what about her" he said "SHE PULLED UP HER SKIRT SO HIGH IT SHOWED HER BOTTOM HALF OF HER ASS" I yelled "WHAT ABOUT YOU LOOKING AT OTHER GUYS" he yelled "I DONT,IS THIS CAUSE I DIDNT TELL JOE JONAS I HAD A BOYFRIEND" I yelled "NO ITS ABOUT SMIRKING AND SMILING AT OTHER GUYS" he said "OH SORRY FOR BLUSHING AT A COMPLEMENT CAUSE I NEVER GET THEM-THAT WAS THE FIRST ONE I EVER GOT FROM A PERSON IN GENERAL" I yelled with tears in my eyes "YOUR SAYING I DONT COMPLIMENT YOU" he yells looking hurt "NO IM NOT SAYING ANYONE I MEAN IN GENERAL" I say now crying "BUT STILL YOU DONT WANNA DATE ANY OTHER GUYS WHEN YOUR DATING ONE GUY,THATS CALLED CHEATING WITCH YOU WERE ON THE CUSP OF DOING" he said I walked away and cried in my room for a few minutes when the door. Opened from Calum walking in "what do you want" I say "to apologies" he said "oh I thought you wanted to accuse me of something" I said still pissed at him " Kasey,I'm so so so sorry for accusing you of cheating I know you would never do such a thing" he said "I'm sorry for looking at other guys,I-I have never been in a relationship before" I say nervously "I never knew I thought someone as beautiful as you would have been in a relationship" he said "I see what you did there" I say he laughed and laid down with me he wrapped his arm around me and he said "I couldn't imagine life without you" he smiled "me either" I said kissing him then Luke came in "what was the yelling about?!" He said "all healthy relationships have fights" I said "ok" he said walking out of the room I fell asleep in Calum's arms with him humming I miss you by blink-182 I woke up on Cal's bunk on the tour bus I got out and saw Cal and Luke talking I walked in and sat on Cal's lap "morning beautiful" Cal said "morning Cal" I said yawning "What do you wanna do today" Cal asked "don't you have to do a show?" I say "yeah later tonight" he said "you tell me" I say walking out to were Mikey and Ash are "hey Idiot" Mikey said "right back at ya" I say (not in a bad way it's our nicknames for each other) grabbing a apple I sat down taking a bite of my apple "where are we anyway" I ask "Texas" Ash says I nod and put my shoes on "where are you going" Mikey says "a walk" I said "another fight?" Mikey said "nope just wanna take a walk" I say walking outside I get on a Main Street and a whole bunch of fans come up to me like hundreds of people I sign photos and take pictures with lots of people I see Cal walk out almost worried he sees the crowd and comes up beside me and said "why the hell did you leave!" He said "I told Mikey I went for my daily walk" I said "oh he said he didn't know where you went" Cal said then a few boys winked at me I rolled my eyes as I felt Calum's grip get tighter and a guy came up behind me and pinched my ass "HEY!!" I squealed "what babe" Cal said worried "one of those boys pinched my ass" I whispered he nodded and walked over to the boys and signed their picture of me saying 'fuk off pervs -C.H.' They walked behind me again and pinched my ass again Calum was furious I said "it's fine it's done now" he calmed down and we walked around the corner "why did you leave again I couldn't hear over the screams" Cal said turning me around trying to ovoid something "oh-why are we turning around?" I asked confused "oh no reason" Cal said nervously I looked over my shoulder and saw guys doing sexual positions with a blow up life sized doll with a picture of my face on it "Cal do you see what their doing" I asked "yep,you do not know how much I wanna kill them right now" he said I laughed at his comment we walked back to the bus and I laid in Cal's bunk playing on my phone while Cal played FIFA I heard them scream and yell like at a hockey game I got out of bed grabbed a soccer ball and started kicking it around outside then Mikey joined me we passed it around until all of the boys were playing I saw Cal talk with Luke

Calum's P.O.V

"She's really good bro" I say to Luke "yeah she was asked to go to a college because of it but mom made her come on tour otherwise she would have been at a high end college right now" Luke says "oh but she's here,did she have a choice" I say "yeah she chose this over becoming her dream a soccer player" Luke says happily "good thing she didn't play FIFA or you would have been crushed" Luke said "why did she chose this?" I say "I don't know Cal! Maybe cause she gets to tour the world or spend time with me cause she never sees me or to see Mikey,you and Ash" Luke said I ran up to her and started to play she scores millions of goals on us we did her vs Mikey,Luke,Ash and I and she still won by like 8-9 goals then we stopped when it got dark and we ate pizza then she must have been tired cause she had 1 slice of pizza then went to our bunk to sleep I came in late at night like 10:30 and I wrapped my arm around her she was kicking in her sleep I don't know why I took my arm off her and she was squealing "CAL SHUDUP" Mikey said Kasey started to sweat and squeal more so I woke her up when she started to scream "Kasey wake up your having a nightmare" I say she wakes up and puts her face in my chest and she wraps her arms around me and I hold her until she is asleep then I fall asleep I wake up with her still in my arms but Mikey poking me "WHAT" I whisper/yell "we got to go to sound check it's 1:00 pm" he says to me "how do I get out of her grip without waking her up,she barely got any sleep last night" I say "I'll handle her" he says but she wakes up "what are you talking about" she asks "it's 1:00 we gotta go to sound check Kasey" He says she nods "I gotta do some stuff around the town" she says getting out of the bunk and grabbing some shorts and tank top she changes in the bathroom and she grabs a banana and walks out the door

Kasey's P.O.V

I walked out of the tour bus and went shopping but I was pulled into a ally with those guys the other day before I knew it he was trying to take off my shorts I smacked and kicked but I was held down I saw the guy put on some 'protection' (at least he has some kind of mercy even if he is breaking the law) I screamed out for Calum but my mouth was covered by a guy then it 'happened' I hated it. He did for about half on hour then he told me "if I tell anyone he will hunt me down and hurt me" and to be here tomorrow at 10:00 I walked back to the bus almost crying Calum was back I leaped into his arms he saw the tears in my eyes "babe what's wrong? We were only apart for half an hour" he said "I-I can't tell you" I said broken and getting out of his grip "tell me Sunshine" he said chasing me to the back of the bus "I can't they will hurt me" I said "WHAT,WHO!" Cal said I cried into his chest "promise you won't tell anyone" I said "depends,NOW TELL ME" he said "t-t-those guys from the other day r-r-raped me Cal" I said "WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN-I'M GONNA KILL THEM"he said I grabbed his arm "NO DONT,they said they would hunt me down and hurt me if I tell anyone or don't show up there tomorrow at 10:00" I said "you gotta do something-they are breaking you on the inside Sunshine" he said to me "but I don't know what to do Cal" I said crying then Mikey came in and said "what did you do now Cal?!" "NOTHING" Cal said "it was a joke mate" Mikey said wrapping his arm around me I walked out and sat outside

Calum's P.O.V

"What happened" Mikey asked me "she told me not to tell anyone" I said "did you get her pregnant" he said "God no! She was raped" I said mumbling the last part "really,what are you gonna do man" he said "I don't know they said if she tells anyone they will hunt her down and hurt her or if she doesn't show up tomorrow at 10:00 they will do the same" I said "bro you gotta tell the police" Mikey said "no cause then she won't trust me and it will put her in even more danger" I said "how bout send 2 or 3 security guards with her tomorrow?!" Mikey said I nodded slowly "maybe I'll talk it out with her later tonight" I said

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