Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


9. the dreams...

A.N Hiiiiii I'm back writing this movella! I am soooooooooooo sorry for not updating so here is a few short ish chapters!!!

-Charlie! XOX

Casey's POV (dreaming)

"Cal I'm home!" I say walking inside a house? "Don't Cal I'm home me!" He says "ok sorry." I say putting away the groceries "why did you want to stay?" Cal asks me sounding frustrated "for you." I say "but I don't even love you." He mumbles. I feel my heart drop to my stomach "fine then, I'll leave!" I say jogging to my bedroom and packing my stuff. "No come on stay, I didn't mean it!" Cal says "no, Calum I get your point." I say and he walks over to me and smacks my face "Calum!" I scream and he just looks terrified "oh,no In so sorry Casey I just-I just don't know what happened!" Calum says helping me up. I don't take the help, I get up and take my bag to the door "Casey, please?!" Calum says with tears in his eyes "I gave you 1 too many chances Calum." I say "no I'll do much better I promise!" Calum says grabbing my hand to tight "Calum let go of me!" I scream in pain "no not until you take me back!" He says witch makes me want to but I don't. I pull back my hand witch is red and it hurts from the touch of a feather "d-did I do t-that?" Calum ask "no, it was there before." I say "no it wasn't, I-I a m-m-monster." Calum mumbles. I don't know if I should leave him or if I should stay and calm him down? "Calum you didn't do this!" I say walking over to him but he runs away. Here we go again... "Calum get your ass out here right now!" I say sternly "no." He says "why not?" I ask "cause who knows what I'll do." Cal says "for gods sake Calum, so what if you did this witch you didn't, it was all an accident!" I say walking out the front door. I run down the streets and wait for a taxi "hey sweet pea, where to?" A kind man says in his 30's "airport please" I say trying not to cry "what's on your mind?" He asks "oh, nothing" I say "well, your problem is bigger then Nicki Manaj's ass." He says "ok, well my boyfriend is angry at me and I don't want to go back." I say "so why do you have that red mark in your face, was he 'that' angry?" He asks "n-n-no, he always said he loves me and he's really pissed at himself for it." I say "he still shouldn't have done it, and if I was you I wouldn't let him in again." He says as we arrive at the airport. My phone is blowing up from Calum "thank you so so much for the ride and the advice" I thank the driver "any time" he smiles driving off.

L-hey Casey


L-what did you do to Calum?

C-doesn't matter what I did to him, he hit me.


C-it was an accident

L-still he hit you

C-yeah but it doesn't hurt

L-where did he hit u


L-punch or slap

C- slap

L-one moment just going to kill him.

C-no don't

L-you don't have a choice

C-yes I do

L-no you don't

C-it's a free country!

L-fine but I am still going to yell at him

C-fine, but his throat is probably sore from all the yelling

*end of texting*

I go on the plane and fly to London, where I am totally lost and I wish I had Calum.

"Casey! What happened between you and Calum?" A girl yells at me "uh-Sydney!" I yell "yeah, I'm here visiting family and you?" She asks "h-he hit me and I left him." I say "didn't you see twitter!" She says "no-did he say bad things about me!" I say "no he's saying stuff like 'Casey pleas come back', 'Casey where are you?!' And all that stuff-my place?" She says "yeah!" I say

We go to Sids house (my nickname for her) and watch movies all night until we fall asleep

The End!

A.N the sequel will be out soon it will be named 'Lost Boys' it is about Casey and she is broken, but the only POV's are the 5SOS boys POV's!

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