Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


3. The Cafè

I woke up without Mikey beside me I brushed my hair and went outside "morning" I said but only Mikey and Ash were there "where's Luke and Cal?" I say "Luke went for a 'walk' and Cal is asleep" Ash said I nodded "can I speak with him?" I ask They nod I walk in quietly and sit on his bed beside him "I'm sorry for last night Cal" I say he rolls over and says "it's not your fault Kasey" "yes it is,you were smacked the crap out of" I say "no Luke just pulled me outside and went to his room and when I came in you were asleep with your boyfriend...Mikey" he says "he's not my boyfriend Cal,I'm single,and Mikey and I were friends before him and Luke were friends" I say laying down I roll over to look at Calum's face he gives me a small smile and then leans in to kiss me I don't resist our lips touch and I melt on the inside our mouths move in perfect sinc he pulls away smiling and says "do you wanna come to the café with the boys and I?" I nodded and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me in to his warm in brace I smiled and got out of bed after a few minutes of cuddling then I got changed and walked to the car with Cal and drove to the cafe where we will meet Luke when we got to the cafe I went to the washroom to do some makeup touch ups when I came out Calum pulled me to the ally way and said "Kasey I have loved ever since I saw you at the first band practice,your eyes,your hair,your smile,your laugh I don't care what Luke thinks...I-I love you,will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled and said "OF COURSE!!" He smiled in relief then we heard Mikey say "aww so cute,GET INSID ITS GETTIN SUSPICIUS" I laughed and nodded

After breakfast at cafe,now in the hallway of hotel

Luke grabbed my arm and held me until the boys left and he said "I don't care if you date Calum but if he ever hurts you I will hunt him down take all his money buy some nandos then kill him in his sleep,got it?'" I laughed and nodded I went in and sat on Calum's lap "WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE POOL!!?" Ash said I nodded and got changed into a light pastel blue bikini and went to the pool hand in hand with Calum I jumped in and the got my water gun and sprayed Michael a few hours passed and it was lunch time so I got out and went upstairs and made grilled cheese for everyone then the boys came upstairs and we ate it all then I got changed into a purple tank top and shorts then I went for a walk on the beach with Calum where we were bombarded with paps and interviewers saying "are you two dating,who is she,is this Luke's sister,what is happening,how long have you been dating?!" And I budged in and said "yes we are dating,yes I am Luke's sister,we have been dating since this morning officially but we have kissed a few times and stuff before that" Calum put his arm around me and kissed me for the camera I put my leg on his hip then he picked me up we stopped kissing when we saw the boys come Mikey picked me in the back while I was on Calum's shoulders the people left and Cal said "your quite the kisser" "it's only my third kiss" I said he smiled and we sat down on the sand I laid down on his lap he played with my hair "can you sing for me?" I ask "really?" He said "yeah" I said "ok,witch song" he said "beside you" I say "ok,within a minute I was all packed up I got a ticket to another world I don't wanna go I don't wanna go sudden words are hard to speak when your thoughts are all I see don't ever leave she said to me when we both fall asleep underneath the same sky to the beast of our heart at the same time so close but so far away she sleeps alone my heart wants to come home I wish I was I wish I was beside you she lies awake I'm trying to find the words to say I wish I was I wish I was beside you another day and I'm somewhere new I made a promise that I'll come home soon bring me back bring me back to you when we both wake up under neath the same sky to the beat of our hearts at the same time so close but so far away she sleeps alone my heart wants to come home I wish I was I wish I was beside you she lies awake I'm trying to find the words to say I wish I was I wish I was beside you,beside you there are pieces of us both under every city light shining as we fade into the night she sleeps alone my heart wants to come home I wish I was I wish I was beside you she sleeps alone my heart wants to come home I wish I was I wish I was beside you she lies awake I'm trying to find the words to say I wish I was I wish I was beside you(the rest of song)" he sings I fall asleep at the sunset and him singing I wake up with Calum asleep and water at my feet "CAL,THE TIDES COMING IN" I yell he wakes up and we run to the hotel room "where were you two?" Mikey asks "on the beach" I say walking into my room I have a shower washing off the sand then I get in my pjs and I go in Cal's room and snuggle with him I put my back to his chest and his arm wraps around my waist I fall asleep.when I wake up I am beside Cal still I try to get out of bed but he says "nooooooooooooo stay and snuggle" "fine a few more minutes" I say laying back down smiling I fall asleep all over again and I wake up by Cal saying "wake up sunshine we have to go to the next place for tour" I wake up brush my hair and wear ripped skinny jeans,sweater and a beanie "ready to go Mrs. Clifford" Mikey said and he got a smack on the head from Cal I laughed and walked out holding hands with Cal and some fans screamed so loud I almost blessed from my ears then Cal pulled me closer to him when he saw Joe Jonas coming upstairs from the pool he winked at me and Cal through daggers at him I blushed though but I felt Cal's grip get tighter when he walked towards me "CAL MY HAND" I yelled cause he was holding it so tight he loosened his grip "oh,I'm so sorry sunshine" he said "hey,I'm Joe Jonas" Joe said "yeah she knows" Cal said budging in I elbowed him "yeah I'm Kasey Luke's sister" I said kinda sassy "and my girlfriend" Cal says "cool here's my number sweetheart" Joe said giving me his number and glaring at Cal I took it and handed it to some fan "why did you not mention I was your boyfriend?" Cal asked "cause I wasn't going to date him ever cause he has a girlfriend named Abby or something plus now he will get calls from some fan" I said "oh." He said I wrapped my arms around Cal and laid my head on his shoulder the we got in the car and the driver drove us to the airport where even more fans are there was more boys and stuff with signs and winking at me Cal glared at then "what's up with you today Cal" I said "nothing." He said " something's up" I said "here's not the place Kasey" he said I rolled my eyes and kept walking then somebody grabbed my purse with my phone and wallet "OI CAL HELP" I said Cal came and pulled the purse and handed to me "thanks Cal" I said smiling he nodded like he was mad at me we got on the private plane I sat beside Cal still looking angry at me then a plane attendant winked at Calum and pulled up her skirt making it shorter I rolled my eyes while Cal looked I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I put on my head phones while I listened to stuff like ACDC and Greenday when we landed I was asleep Cal woke me up and I walked to the Car without looking Calum.

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