Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


7. (not a real chapter) back on tour!

I am laying down in my bunk looking at the roof when Casey comes in beside me "Hey Cal..." She says "yes?" I say "um...well...erm...Luke...uh..-" I cut her off "spit it out!" I say "Luke is dating Lily!" She says kind of blocking her face like I was going to hit her "what are you covering your face for?" I say cause I am a bit hurt that she thinks I will hit her "uh just reflexes I guess cause I dated Josh for 2 years?" She says but I am still hurt and I think she is still broken no matter how much she tells me or she covers it,it's still obvious she is hiding a big secret "so anyways are you ok with Luke dating Lily?" She says "yeah why wouldn't I be?" I say pulling her to lay down "just thought you know your ex and all so you wouldn't want your ex to be dating your best mate?" She stumbles across her words "is something wrong?" I ask "no,uh why,erm would you,t-t-think that?" She says sounding scared "are you scared of me?!" I ask "well,I'm afraid of all boys and you know that but I'm more scared of Lily..." She mumbles and I feel my heart drop to my stomach "well don't be scared of any boys in this car. And for Lily she will not lay a finger on you" I say and I feel Casey loosen up when I wrap my arms around her like she just lost all contact to her body and went 'rag doll' "sorry for being so weird,I get that way when I'm nervous, cause when I told Josh that his sister was dating his best mate he slapped me for no reason." She says mumbling the last part and it does make sense then her phone buzzed "" She says "what?!" I say "Spencer is in town..." I say "who's that?" I say "oh she's my cousin but Luke didn't want to date her she freaked and lit her house on fire burning herself badly but she survived and Luke was blamed for it, but since he was mums favourite kid my mum took the whole case to court and Luke got out on the good side." Casey says "SPENCER WHO WHAT WHERE HOW WHY!" Luke says aster he heard her name "I wish I was back home..." She mumbles rolling over. She's been different a weird different, Are we drifting,no we would never,are we?

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