Luke's Sister

Luke's sister's life changes when she meets a brown haired guy,will they make things work or fall to pieces after all love is a journey not a destination.


2. Kasey Hemmings

Hey guys I'm Kasey Hemmings, yep I'm Luke Hemmings younger sister I have blonde hair,blue eyes,I'm short,and 16 1/2 years old and love to play soccer I was asked to go to a school because of it but I have to go on tour with the boys. They always get on nerves and under my skin but make me happy Michael has been my friend before he new Luke. Mikey and I do stuff like we're dating but don't kiss and gross stuff. Calum and I are friends he knows my fav flower (tiger lily),my fav food (pizza! ),my fav band (Greenday),fav song (holiday),places I go in hide and seek and when I'm sad but he doesn't know my crush but Mikey does and promised not to tell (well it's Cal but since we will never date the boy's name is Tyler). Luke is a bit over protective even when Mikey is in the room and beside me on the couch. Today I am leaving for tour and I wearing a light blowse and white jeans I grab my keys and go to the airport where Mikey is picking me up

At Mexico meeting Mikey(we are heading to Mexico for a break then starting the Tour)

I saw him there he stood Michael Clifford. "MIKEY!!" I screamed with his head shooting my way "KASEY!!" He yelled picking me up and twirling me around "I missed you so so so so so so much" I say he says the same "wanna go see the boys at the hotel?!" He asks "DUH IDIOT" I say jokingly

At hotel

We park and I'm kinda nervous about seeing the boys cause Luke looks at me weird always the look is not a happy look nor a sad look it's not a angry look the look has no meaning either. I walked up to the room with Mikey and we decided to play a prank like my plane crashed and he will stand there fake crying Mikey knocks on the door they open it he stands there looking broken "what's up man where's Kasey" Luke asks worried "gone." Mikey replies "what do you mean gone" Luke asked "her plane crashed in the middle of nowhere Luke-SHES GONE" Mikey says I covert mouth trying not to laugh "WHAT" Luke screams about to cry closing the door

A few minutes later of sounds like sobs

I knock on the door a few times "go away not now fans" someone says sobbing I knocked a few more times and someone says "NOT NOW COME LATER" "LUKE HEMMINGS YOU WILL OPEN THIS DOOR NOW BIRDBRAIN" I scream then Luke opens the door "WHAT-KASEY YOUR ALIVE" he yells and the other boys come and hug me "of course I'm alive it was a big joke!and you fell for it!" I say laughing "IT WAS A JOKE" Luke yells

A few minutes later of catching up

"I'm gonna go to bed now" I say and Calum follows me. Luke is obviously not comfortable what Calum is doing. He slams the door behind him "are you gonna watch me sleep?" I ask "maybe?" He says walking up to me I back away not knowing what he's doing within a few seconds he's chasing me around my room "NAH NAH NA BOO BOO YOU CANT CATCH ME" I scream "FOR CHRIST'S SAKE IM TRYING TO KISS YOU" he says I stop in shock. He picks me up and drops me on my bed he gets on top of me and we are so close our noses are touching he leans in and kisses me I felt sparks fly after about a few minutes Luke comes in and sees us but we don't hear him he then pushes Cal off of me "OI mate" Cal yells "THATS MY LITTLE SISTER CAL WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON TOP OF HER" he yells I roll my eyes "nothing..." Cal says I laugh a little "oh it was something" Luke yells "Luke I'm sorr-" Calum says "are you drunk" Luke asks "nope" he says I don't think he was drunk you couldn't smell anything on his breath Luke grabbed Calum by the collar and dragged him out of the room and Ash follows but Mikey sits down on my bed "what do you think Lukey will do?" I ask "well,he will probably yell at him a bit then say not to even think about you or he we kill him" Mikey said "oh,Mikey can you stay with me tonight Luke said the only boy I can talk to is you?" I asked Mikey smiled and nodded he wrapped his arm around me and I was asleep in a second

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