What do you want?

Now bad boy Luke is trying to get Ms.Scarlet James. It isn't going to be easy knowing what happened in second grade. Will Luke be able to get Scarlet?


2. The Project

Luke's POV**



Everyone else chose there partners and Ashton chose Mallory. Mr.Parker explained the project.


"The project involves helping others."


Each of us would be assigned a place to visit. Me and Scarlet were assigned the cancer unit and the nursing home at the hospital. We had to go and help others. We had to make them happy. This would not be my first choice. They are so sad people could die right in front of you. Definitely not what I was planning to do for the next month. I would rather go to the dirty animal shelter with Ashton and Mallory.



Scarlet's POV**



At least I can enjoy making others happy. I hope bad boy Luke of there doesn't ruin everything. I feel bad for Mallory too. She got stuck with bad boy Ashton. English finished shortly after the parts were assigned. I went to Biology with Mrs.Berg. Mallory had History so I was alone. Of course Luke and alum had to be in my Biology class. Luke came and sat next to me and Calum went over by Emma to flirt. I turned away from him pretending to not notice him. 


"Hi Scarlet!" He said smiling with his dimples.


"What do you want." I said giving him a dead serious look. 


"I have told you already.I want Ms.Scarlet James." 


"No you don't." 


"Yes I do."


"Why? You have never liked me and have hated me since the second grade."


"That was then."


My next few classes I had with him but finally I thought he would leave me alone. I went in line with Mallory to get lunch. Chef Salad with Ranch and a water. It was besically the only thing on the menu that you knew was safe to eat.




Luke's POV**



"Looks like you've got a tough one." Calum said.


"I know but I will find a way to make her mine."


"And how do plan on doing that?"


"Not sure. I am still working on that part."


"Well lets get some lunch and go join them." He smiled.




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