What do you want?

Now bad boy Luke is trying to get Ms.Scarlet James. It isn't going to be easy knowing what happened in second grade. Will Luke be able to get Scarlet?


4. Starbucks

Scarlet's POV**


Finally school was over and  I could go home or do something with Mallory. I waited infront of school for Louis. I am not quite 16 and don't have a car but thankfully me and Louis are pretty close. Mom works night shifts on Fridays and Saturdays so she isn't home to often on weekends. Louis finally pulled up and Mallory just texted me to meet her at starbucks. Harry was also with Louis so I got in the back.


"Hi Harry."


"Where is your boyfriend?" he smirked.




"We saw you kiss bad boy Hemmings." 


"I am NOT definetely NOT dating him." I said embarrassed.


"Where to miss Scarlet?" Louis said like a butler.


"Starbucks. I have to meet Mallory."


"Ok. I am going home and me and Harry are going to get ready for the party at our house.You cna invite a few people you'd like and Luke is coming with his mates." 


He was pulling up to Starbucks and saw Luke and Ashton walking in. 


"Are you sure you are going her with Mallory."


"What are you tal-" I looked up and saw Luke and Ashton. 


I got out of the car and walked in and ordered a Strawberry Lemonade. Those were my favorite. I went over by Mallory and sat down. Luke and Ashton walked over. 


"Hey ladies!" He smiled.


I stood up to leave but Mallory grabbed my wrist.


"Stay here and talk to Luke. He obviously wants you really badly so talk to him."



Luke's POV**



Ashton recieved a text from someone saying to meet tem at Starbucks in 30 minutes. We weren't going to go because Scarlet's brother was throwing that really big party. We decided to go any ways. We were walking in and noticed Louis and Harry. We waved and then Scarlet got out of the back and went inside. 


I greeted them and Scarlet was going to leave but Mallory told her to stay. Mallory took Ashton a few tables away and I sat down with Scarlet.


"Are you going to the party tonight?"


"I don't know yet."


"Will you come with me then?"


"Um.... sure but it is not a date."


I was actually really surprisd she said yes but hey at least I get to go with her. We stayed for about a half an hour and then we left to get ready.


Scarlet's POV**

----My House----



Mallory and I went to my room to get ready. I chose a white V neck backless midriff cocktail dress and Mallory chose a red strapless cocktail dress with black lace. We curled our hair and did our makeup on.

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