What do you want?

Now bad boy Luke is trying to get Ms.Scarlet James. It isn't going to be easy knowing what happened in second grade. Will Luke be able to get Scarlet?


5. Party

Luke's POV**



Ashton and I arrived at the party and wanted for Mallory and Scarlet to come. Then I spotted a red dress and went over and it was Mallory.


"Where's Scarlet?" I asked.


"Um. She was right beind me." se truned around looking for Scarlet. "Well she is wearing a white cocktail dress and she looks really pretty." she left to go by Ashton.


I was walking around and went into the kitchen to get a drink and I saw Harry making out with some girl in a white dress. She didn't really seem or look like Scarlet tho. I saw a few other people in the room getting drinks.



Scarlet's POV**



Mallory and I were walking downstairs to the party but then I had second thoughts. I went into the kitchen to find Louis and Harry snuck up behind and kissed me. It was a long kiss but I have to admit I kind of did like it. 


"Hey want to go dance?" before I could say anything he pulled me into the living room and started grinding on me and then he would kiss me. He must have been drunk. He has never shown that he likes me as in relationship like.



Harry's POV**


About 2 weeks ago I started to have intrests in Louis' sister. She was beautiful and really nice. I saw her in the kitchen and thought 'make a move dummy. now is your chance' so I snuck up behind her and turned her around and kissed her. She is a really good kisser by the way. 



"Want to dance?" before she could say anything I grabbed her wrist and brought her to the living room.



Luke's POV**



I must have gotten drunk because I never did find Scarlet and ended up sleeping with someone else. I got dressed and went home.



Scarlet's POV**



Harry ended up in bed with me the next morning but thankfully our clothes were still on. Louis opened the door to tell me breakfast was ready and freaked when he saw Harry.


"What are you two doing.?" He asked suspicious.


"Nothing." I replied quickly and got out of bed and went to the bathroom.


I cleaned up and through on some white shorts, dark blue tank top, and tied a red and dark blue flannel around my waist. Louis must have made Harry leave because he wasn't at home anymore. I looked at my phone. Mallory texted to see where I was at 4 hours ago. I didn't feel like replying. I went down stairs to have orange juice and some oatmeal with strawberries my favorite. After I finished and did the dishes the door bell rang. I went to see who it was. It was Luke. I opened the door.


"Hi. Luke."


"Hi Scarlet. Where were you last night?"


"Not with you. What do you want?" I still don't trust. He has slept with almost every girl in our grade. He jut creeps me out.


"You." he said grabbing my waist and pulled me in and kissed me.


I pulled away. "Stop it."


"Why?" he smiled back.


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